Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dog Days of Summer Food Drive

Why would I be writing about dogs you ask? Well, this post isn't about just dogs. You see, the Dog Days of Summer Food Drive is a Be The Change For Pets (#BTC4Pets) challenge and that's what they call it. I told Mom that we absolutely had to participate and she agreed. She knew that Wayside Waifs was in need of canned cat food at the moment, so it was perfect timing!

This challenge actually came on the heels of some bad news in our family. My brofur cat, Rosie, had to be put down right before Mom left on her big trip to Boston. He lived in Wichita with my grandparents, so I had never actually met him, but I heard wonderful things about him. He was elderly, at least 17 years old, and had just come to the end of his life. Mom was very, very sad that she couldn't be there with him when he went to the Rainbow Bridge, but Grandma was there to comfort him.

When Rosie passed, he had a lot of food in his cabinet (I haven't bothered to ask Mom yet why he had wet food but I never get any). Mom knew that by donating the food to a shelter, it would help to ease her pain. She gathered everything up from Grandma's house including Rosie's bed, one of his blankets, his pillow, cans of wet food, a bag of dry food and tons of nommy treats. She put it all together and took it with her last week for her normal volunteer session.

Of course, I inspected it first to make sure it was good enough to send to the kitties waiting for their forever homes.

It looked pretty good, so I sent it off with Mom. She said the dry food would go home with a foster family. The wet food would be used at the shelter, they give each kitty a little bit every night! Mom got to pick who would get to use the blanket, pillow and bed. She put the blanket and pillow in the "storefront" where several kitties stay together. She put the bed in a "hug room" with a kitty named Ike. I think he appreciated it, don't you?

By the way, the dry food weighed in at 3.5 pounds and there was maybe another pound with all of the cans of wet food put together. That makes 4.5 pounds of food for the challenge! I'm so glad we were able to Be The Change For Pets once again. I know what it's like in a shelter and it can be lonely. Things like this make the wait a little easier.