Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Daffy's Toy Box Pawty

I've told you all about my friend Daffy before. She's a pawsome pal who is having some mysterious shakes that her regular V-E-T can't diagnose. Since this seems to be a pretty serious problem, she needs to get to the specialists at Kansas State University. Of course, the trip and all the tests are going to be expensive, so Daffy's friends are doing their best to help raise the funds she needs.

Coming up this Friday there is going to be a fun pawty to help raise the rest of the money Daffy needs. It's her #ToyBoxPawty! If you haven't heard about Daffy's Toy Box, you should follow her on Twitter, @NoCrybabyDoGs, and learn about the fun things that she finds in there!

Everybody is welcome to come to the pawty and bring their favorite toy for show and tell. There will be noms and prizes. Of course, if you can spare some green papers to help Daffy, those are especially appreciated!

Remember to come by for a good time and a great cause this Friday, August 10th at 7pm Eastern.

You can get more details and RSVP here.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rooms Full of Kitties

Many times when I feature a kitty up for adoption at Wayside Waifs I mention the "room" they are in. This might sound funny because a lot of shelters keep their adoptable cats in kennels. Wayside has some cats in kennels, but others are in "hug rooms" or "colonies".

The hug rooms and colonies are great for bonded cats who need to be together, bigger cats who need more room to move around, and even litters of kittens.

Mom has always enjoyed visiting the cats in their own rooms. It gives her time and space to do what she loves to do best when she volunteers: cuddle kitties. As a matter of fact, that's how we first met. I was in a hug room, Mom came in, sat down on the floor, and I got on her lap. I had lots of room to move around, plus I could see what was going on in the adoption area through my door.

The colony rooms are even bigger and have room for more kitties. One of these rooms, "Catfish Cove", is where "Sebastian's Circle", the donated cat wheel is. It has a chair for volunteers to sit in and has windows on three sides so people in the adoption area and in the hallway can see the kitties inside.

Right now, there are some Siamese mix kittens occupying the room. They have room to run and play like kittens need.

Another room is "Meow Mansion". It's even got a sink in it! That's something that Squirt, a young orange tabby really enjoys!

There is a counter that is perfect for lounging, too, as Lily demonstrates.

Of course, there are always soft beds to lay in, like Veronica is doing, or room to roam, like her bestie JellyBean is doing.

If you're looking to add a furry friend to your home, go to Wayside Waifs in Kansas City and spend some time in one of the rooms with the lucky kitties who get to reside there. You'll love how comfy it is for them!