Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday-Chasing Da Bird

Two Days of Birthday Celebration? Yes, Please!

I'm such a lucky kitty! Yesterday was my birthday-I'm 9 years old now-but I got to celebrate Monday, too. Let me tell you all about it!

Monday was my birthday pawty day because Dad is off work that day. We wanted to have a family celebration so we made it a day early.

I got lots of birthday attention all day, then that night we had a special dinner. I got Luna Tuna! I usually only eat kibble, so this was a tasty treat for me.

Then I got Dad's spot on the new loveseat.

Later, it was time for cake and presents!

My cake looked like a piece of cheese with a mousie on top. Pretty cool, huh? I didn't get to eat any of it, but I did get a little lick in while Mom was taking my piccie. *giggle*

My big present was a new carrier with an expandable side. I didn't think that was a very good gift. Why would they get me a little prison used to transport me to the V-E-T for my birthday?

But this morning I discovered what a cozy bed it makes! Mom set it up under the table so I'd have a nice dark place to snooze.

Yesterday was my actual birthday, so I got another special meal and more presents!

The new bed is for behind the loveseat. And I finally got Da Bird! This is such a cool toy-it ranks up there with my milk ring!

So, as you can see, Mom & Dad spoiled me for my special day. I had a great time and don't feel a day over 5!

Monday, January 23, 2012

#MOBlogPaws: Delicious Doggie Treats

So far, I've told you about many of the cool things that humans would like about Kansas City. Now I'm going to tell you why the doggies will want to have a BlogPaws conference in Kansas City: KC is home to a gourmet dog bakery, Three Dog Bakery.

The founding bakery is located on the Country Club Plaza, which has been featured in a couple of previous #MOBlogPaws posts. Dogs are always welcome in Three Dog Bakery and are even offered a sample treat when they visit! Three Dog Bakery offers all-natural, baked treats, pastries, and food. Don't worry kitties-they have cat treats too! "We Pity the Kitties" treats come in chicken and salmon flavors.

Three Dog Bakery was started in 1989 by Dan Dye and Mark Beckloff and their three dogs, Dottie, Gracie, and Sarah Jean The Biscuit Queen. Mom actually got to meet Sarah Jean! All three dogs have now gone Over The Rainbow Bridge, but their legacy continues. There is even a book about Gracie titled Amazing Gracie: A Dog's Tale by Dan and Mark.

In order to help not-for-profit rescue groups, the Three Dog Bakery Foundation was created. The company gives up to 1% of its net profits annually to help the Foundation.

There are several locations around the world, but the founding bakery on the Plaza is pretty special. It is the heart of the company and is very warm and welcoming. Three Dog Bakery is a must-see for any dog visiting Kansas City. In fact, every time Mom goes to Wichita, she goes to Three Dog Bakery first and buys treats for Grandpa's dog, Yaz, since he doesn't get to visit them himself. So, start barking doggie pals! Tell your humans you want to come to Kansas City for BlogPaws in 2013!

Friday, January 20, 2012

#PawPawty Benefiting Wayside Waifs


I found out this morning that this month's #pawpawty-being held this weekend on Twitter-chose Wayside Waifs as its recipient! You can read @GeorgeTheDuck's bloggie for all the deets.

You all know how much I love and appreciate Wayside. I stayed there temporarily until I met Mom while she was volunteering. Meeting Mom was the best day of my life!

The theme of this month's #pawpawty is James Bond, so I'm going to go as 007 himself!

Pretty handsome, huh? I think there's probably no better way to celebrate my birthday next week than to pawty it up with my pals on Twitter all while raising money for Wayside.

Unfortunately, our pal @FrugalDougal won't be able to make it. His grandma just passed away. Our family sends big love to Dougal and his Mum, Lynn. We know they would want the pawty to carry on, so we're going to do our best to have a good time!

I hope you can come and join us this weekend on Twitter!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Temporary Cattoos from Cattoo Design

Mom loves cats (duh) and she likes tattoos. In fact, she recently got a cattoo-a cat tattoo-on her wrist. She thought for over a year about the cattoo. She had to figure out the design and where she wanted it. She has never taken getting a tattoo lightly, it's always been a big deal to her. This is something that will be with her forever!

There's a great product that may help with the cattoo decision making process from Cattoo Design...temporary cattoos! You can choose from five different designs and give a cattoo a test drive. They're really easy to apply and look very realistic.

Mom chose to try the paw prints. She put the small paw prints on the inside of her right forearm, opposite of her permanent cattoo. She was able to cut out each individual paw print so she could use however many she wanted and arrange them in whichever design she liked. She put the large paw print on her foot, right below her ankle.

Paw prints on Mom's arm.
Close-up of paw prints.
Large paw print on Mom's foot.

Mom applied the temporary cattoos on a Saturday evening. The packaging says that they last 3 to 5 days. On day 3, they still looked just like they did when she first applied them. On day 5, they were just starting to show a little wear. The ones on her arm were looking pretty good still & you could only see the wear if you looked closely. The one on her foot was showing more wear, but of course, she had been wearing shoes/boots/socks that rubbed on it every day.

At that point, she removed the one on her foot using the baby oil method. It came off very easily without much rubbing. She continued to wear the temporary cattoos on her arm for another five days before they really started to show noticible wear. That means the ones on her arm lasted for TEN WHOLE DAYS!!

Mom would highly recommend Cattoo Design's Temporary Cattoos. They are a fun accessory and a great way to test a cattoo before you actually commit to the real thing. You can buy them on the Cattoo Design website. While you're there, check out all the photos of the cool cattoos that have been submitted by fans. Mom is going to submit hers!

Mom got the Cattoo Design Temporary Cattoos free of charge to try out. All opinions in this blog about the product are our honest feelings and are not influenced by the fact that we received the product for free. We really love the product and think that Cattoo Design is about the coolest idea ever and that Kate Benjamin (who runs the site) is the coolest cat lady in the world!

Monday, January 16, 2012

#MOBlogPaws: Kansas City Is In Its Golden Age

There was a great article last Friday in the Kansas City Star. It's all about how Kansas City is coming into its "Golden Age." Do you know what would help add to that? A really cool pet bloggers conference! BlogPaws should be part of KC's Golden Age and bring the conference here in 2013!

Read the article here. Then tell the BlogPaws peeps that you want to see a #MOBlogPaws in 2013!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday-Meeting Twitter Pals in Real Life

Mom met the stars of A Tonk's Tail!

Mom and Allie

Mom and Faraday

Mom and Maxwell (she looks like she's been hittin' the nip!)

And I got to meet their Momma!

Getting smoochies from Ryker's momma!

Monday, January 2, 2012

When you care enough to visit the very best - #MOBlogpaws

We want to thank Sebastian for letting us post again on
one of our favorite topics!

You’re talking about ME right?

No, silly! We’re talking about yet another reason BlogPaws should be hosted in Missouri: it’s the home of one of America’s icons, Hallmark Cards.

Momma’s job is an American icon???

Where she works is! It’s one of the very few privately held third-generation family run companies in the U.S. (Only a third of all family run companies make it to the second generation, and even less to generation #3.)

And it’s a company that’s all about helping people connect with one another and share how they feel. How many companies can claim to do that?

And it’s not just through cards, either. They make ornaments, gifts, interactive storybooks, even TV specials like “Jingle All the Way” (voted by the NY Times as best new holiday TV special)! And it all started from one man’s dream and two shoeboxes of cards hidden under a bed at the YMCA.

We won’t give away the whole story cuz we wants you to come see the fab documentary mommy produced that plays in the Visitor’s Center Theatre here in Kansas City, but Hallmark is a pretty cool part of American history!
And their art collection? Mowzers! Mommy walks past Picassos, Salvadore Dalis & Grandma Moses Originals *every day*!! She knows the curator at the Hallmark Archives & will ask them for a Special Tour just for BlogPaws, if it comes to Kansas City. (included are an entire Tibetan Thai Temple, tons of Illuminated Manuscripts from the 1500s, and loads of other really cool stuff!)

But here's a teaser, with some great pics of Hallmark's international headquarters at Crown Center in Kansas City, also home of Kaleidoscope (a free creative ideation facility for kids) and the soon-to-open LEGO Land and Sea Life Experiences. I think Sebastian plans to tell you more about them in an upcoming blog post, so be on the watch for it.

Master Artist hand lettering a card

Hallmark's Corporate Entrance

Master Artist sculpting an ornament

Hallmark At Night

The hand of the artist - using watercolor

Kaleidoscope: A place kids are invited to be creative & have fun

Visitor's Center & Museum: make your own bow & see fads from the past like paper dresses

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Mom says that a new year brings hope for better things to come. Purrsonally, I can't imagine how things could get any better than they were in 2011. I made even more pals on Twitter, learned the joys of playing with a milk jug ring, and helped kitties get adopted. (Well, at least I tried to help kitties get adopted and they did).

Mom doesn't usually make new years resolutions, but this year is different. She wants to make things better for herself and for me. She says we need to take better care of ourselves. That means we're going on a diet. I'm a husky boy and need to lose about 3 pounds. The V-E-T tech says I'm overweight, but I'll always weigh a bit more than the average cat because I'm long. Mom thinks that I can lose weight by cutting back on treats and exercising. Honestly, I'd like to just try this exercise thing and see if that works without giving up treats, but Mom says no.

Say good-bye to that floofy belly. I'm going to be svelte.
I'm not the only kitty out there on a weight loss plan. Halo, Purely for Pets surveyed more than 1,000 pet parents to find out their New Year's Resolutions. Of those, 45.9% said they planned to help their pets lose weight in 2012. 34% said they would do it by feeding fewer treats and 68.7% said they would have them get more exercise. Looks like I could have some diet buddies out there to keep me on track!

I hope Mom and I can both be healthier. I know we like to indulge in our favorite snacks (I could eat freeze-dried salmon all day!) but we should treat them as a bonus, not a regular item.

Happy New Year to all of my pals. I hope that 2012 brings you much happiness and health. Thank you for reading my bloggy in 2011. I'll do my best to bring you fun things to read this year as well. *pawhugs*