Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Temporary Cattoos from Cattoo Design

Mom loves cats (duh) and she likes tattoos. In fact, she recently got a cattoo-a cat tattoo-on her wrist. She thought for over a year about the cattoo. She had to figure out the design and where she wanted it. She has never taken getting a tattoo lightly, it's always been a big deal to her. This is something that will be with her forever!

There's a great product that may help with the cattoo decision making process from Cattoo Design...temporary cattoos! You can choose from five different designs and give a cattoo a test drive. They're really easy to apply and look very realistic.

Mom chose to try the paw prints. She put the small paw prints on the inside of her right forearm, opposite of her permanent cattoo. She was able to cut out each individual paw print so she could use however many she wanted and arrange them in whichever design she liked. She put the large paw print on her foot, right below her ankle.

Paw prints on Mom's arm.
Close-up of paw prints.
Large paw print on Mom's foot.

Mom applied the temporary cattoos on a Saturday evening. The packaging says that they last 3 to 5 days. On day 3, they still looked just like they did when she first applied them. On day 5, they were just starting to show a little wear. The ones on her arm were looking pretty good still & you could only see the wear if you looked closely. The one on her foot was showing more wear, but of course, she had been wearing shoes/boots/socks that rubbed on it every day.

At that point, she removed the one on her foot using the baby oil method. It came off very easily without much rubbing. She continued to wear the temporary cattoos on her arm for another five days before they really started to show noticible wear. That means the ones on her arm lasted for TEN WHOLE DAYS!!

Mom would highly recommend Cattoo Design's Temporary Cattoos. They are a fun accessory and a great way to test a cattoo before you actually commit to the real thing. You can buy them on the Cattoo Design website. While you're there, check out all the photos of the cool cattoos that have been submitted by fans. Mom is going to submit hers!

Mom got the Cattoo Design Temporary Cattoos free of charge to try out. All opinions in this blog about the product are our honest feelings and are not influenced by the fact that we received the product for free. We really love the product and think that Cattoo Design is about the coolest idea ever and that Kate Benjamin (who runs the site) is the coolest cat lady in the world!


  1. Those are a hoot... I think I'll get HH some of those. The boys run all over her anyway, so why not have pawprints up and down her body... MOL..

    pawhugs, Max

  2. Your mom is very wise to think it through very carefully because it will be with her forever.

  3. TW used to wear temporary cattoos all the time, only they were mostly of roses, cos she's a chicken about getting a real one. Now she's too old for a real one so we'll check these only.

  4. My human has a real tattoo and it is rather large, on her back right shoulder. It is not of a cat, though, so I cannot say I approve of it.

  5. these pawprints are super cute and cool
    I consider real tatto according to it ♥