Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Mom says that a new year brings hope for better things to come. Purrsonally, I can't imagine how things could get any better than they were in 2011. I made even more pals on Twitter, learned the joys of playing with a milk jug ring, and helped kitties get adopted. (Well, at least I tried to help kitties get adopted and they did).

Mom doesn't usually make new years resolutions, but this year is different. She wants to make things better for herself and for me. She says we need to take better care of ourselves. That means we're going on a diet. I'm a husky boy and need to lose about 3 pounds. The V-E-T tech says I'm overweight, but I'll always weigh a bit more than the average cat because I'm long. Mom thinks that I can lose weight by cutting back on treats and exercising. Honestly, I'd like to just try this exercise thing and see if that works without giving up treats, but Mom says no.

Say good-bye to that floofy belly. I'm going to be svelte.
I'm not the only kitty out there on a weight loss plan. Halo, Purely for Pets surveyed more than 1,000 pet parents to find out their New Year's Resolutions. Of those, 45.9% said they planned to help their pets lose weight in 2012. 34% said they would do it by feeding fewer treats and 68.7% said they would have them get more exercise. Looks like I could have some diet buddies out there to keep me on track!

I hope Mom and I can both be healthier. I know we like to indulge in our favorite snacks (I could eat freeze-dried salmon all day!) but we should treat them as a bonus, not a regular item.

Happy New Year to all of my pals. I hope that 2012 brings you much happiness and health. Thank you for reading my bloggy in 2011. I'll do my best to bring you fun things to read this year as well. *pawhugs*


  1. I totally agree - 2011 rocked and so will 2012! WOW you could be one of our PURRlates kittes! Madison and Abigail will be working hard on their cores in 2012 in Pilates for Kitties.
    Email me that photo if you'd like to be in one of our write ups!!!
    lisa AT kritterkommunity DOT com
    Cheers and Happy Mew Year

  2. Youz not fat! Youz just fluffy!

  3. Hmmm, you look perfect size to us. Let's hear from Rumblemum:

    You are SO CUTE!! I could just tickle that sweet tummy all day!!!!

    Yup. You're perfect size.

  4. Happy New Year Sebastian! You can lose the weight! Bailey used to be 20 lbs, which is the same weight as the stupid dog! She is now 14 lbs. We cut back on her food intake, and increased playtime. Mom's inlaws also put up bird feeders right outside our favorite windows so we would run back and forth to watch them! Cats can't lose weight too quickly, so be careful. I know your Mom will be looking out for you :)

  5. don't think of it as a "diet" think of it as a "way of life!"


  6. Happy new year, Sebastian! I am lucky - I get to eat all the treats I want because I am underweight and do not eat enough. Too bad you can't just send me your extra weight - my human thinks I could use it!