Thursday, April 26, 2012

Featured Furry: Serati

Mom has a new shelter love at Wayside Waifs! He is a domestic short hair kitty named Serati.

He's a very sweet kitty and loves to sit on a lap and be petted.

Serati is 3 1/2 years old and is quite playful. He played a long time by himself with his mousie, then played some more with Mom and a wand toy. He's also a talker. After play time, he took a little snooze in Mom's lap.

Doesn't Serati sound like the purrfect cat? If you're interested you'd better hurry! A cat like this will be snapped up quickly! Check him out at Wayside Waifs in Kansas City.

Monday, April 23, 2012

My Friend Daffy

Do you know my friend Daffy? She's a sweet little dog who lives in the middle of Kansas. I met her on Twitter through my sisfur, Dottie. She is warm and friendly and I'm so glad I met her. You can be her friend too! Just look her up-she's @NoCrybabyDoGs-and send her a follow request, you'll agree that she's pretty pawsome!

Daffy has some unexplained health issues. She has terrible shakes every time she goes to sleep. It has her mom really scared. Her V-E-T in the little town they live in doesn't know why this is happening. He says that Daffy needs to go see a V-E-T at Kansas State University's School of Veterinary Medicine. There they have more advanced technology to figure out what's going on with little Daffy's body.

There are some challenges to this though. First off, K-State is in Manhattan, a couple of hours away from where Daffy and her mom live. Daffy's mom isn't able to make that trip due to her own health problems. Second, a visit with a V-E-T at K-State and all the tests that will have to be done is going to cost a whole lot of money. Daffy and her mom have a pretty tight budget.

This is where Daffy's friends come in! There's an easy and fun way to help out. An organic dog treat bakery in Massachusetts, The Barker's Dozen, selected Daffy as their "Barker's Buddy" and in learning more about her story wanted to help her further. This month EVERY ORDER placed with The Barker's Dozen at will help Daffy. The Barker's Dozen will donate 50% of the profits of every sale to Daffy so she can get to K-State. They're doing this through the end of April, so time is running out! You can also just donate to the Chip-In The Barker's Dozen set up for Daffy at:

If you can't give money or order dog treats, can you take the time to retweet the message? Spreading the word helps too! Just follow The Barker's Dozen on Twitter at @TheDailyBarker. Every day they tweet the fundraiser and you can retweet it to share the information. You can also share this blog post. It's not limited to Twitter, either! Spread the word on Facebook, via email, or at lunch with friends.

Daffy is a very special friend to us. She and her mom sent us a wonderful care package after the fire. Mom is going to get the chance to meet Daffy in person soon to thank them. Since Daffy's mom can't take her to Manhattan, Mom is going to take her! Yep, Mom is going to pick her up, deliver her to K-State, and take her home when it's all done.

It would mean a lot to me if you could help Daffy. She's a dear and trusted friend and I know how worried her mom is about her. Let's pull together to reach out to them.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pet Emergency Kit

In my previous blog post about the fire, I mentioned the pet emergency kit Mom has for me. I was very grateful that Mom had made it for me because it had all kinds of stuff in it that I needed.

For this post, Mom did a video showing everything that she keeps in my emergency kit (except she left out the Greenies, I've since reminded her and she has added a bag to the kit!).

Take it away, Mom!

Here are the items you need in a pet emergency kit (for cats):
  • Food (Dry & Wet)/Lid for cans/Spoon
  • Water
  • Bowls
  • Treats
  • Copies of medical records
  • Pictures of your pet AND of you WITH your pet
  • Blanket
  • Toys
  • Litter/Box/Scoop/Plastic liner
  • Collar/Harness/Leash/Tags
Please, please, please have your human make a pet emergency kit for you! You just never know what might happen when you will need it. Remember to keep it in a handy location too!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Life Turned Upside Down

Hi there, Pals. It's been a long time since I've blogged, but there's a very good reason. Six weeks ago tomorrow our life was turned upside down. It seemed like a normal Thursday evening at home. Mom and I were sitting on our cool new loveseat with the laptop. We were talking on the phone with Grandma when Mom realized something wasn't right. She could hear a lot of commotion outside and thought it was the downstairs neighbor kids being rowdy again. Then she saw a police car come by our building with its lights on. Mom, being a cop, thought there was a crime occurring. She quickly got off the phone with Grandma and went out the door to see what was happening. She saw one of the downstairs neighbors and a man she didn't know. Mom said, "What's going on?"

"My floor is on fire!" the frantic neighbor girl said. Mom went right into action. She knocked on our three neighbors' doors on our level. Only one person was home, a lady with a little dog. Mom told her there was a fire and to get out of the building, then she came back to our apartment.

Mom grabbed my carrier from under the table and put me in it. She kept saying "Everything's okay, but we have to go." She went to the closet and got the pet emergency kit she has been planning on blogging about. She also grabbed the laptop from the loveseat and through it in its bag with its charger. Her phone was plugged in right there too, so she grabbed them and through them in the bag.

Mom had just bought some hay for Dottie, so she opened the bag and put the hay in Dottie's hay bucket. Mom then grabbed her prescriptions and through them in her purse. She took the hay bucket, pet emergency kit and computer bag and set them outside the door. When she did, she looked downstairs she saw a police officer-and he saw her too. He pointed at her, realizing there were people upstairs. Mom ran back in the apartment, knowing that the officer was going to come after her. She wanted her gun and badge with her, so she ran to her office to get them. That's when the officer came in yelling for her to get out and that there was nothing in the apartment worth dying for. Mom ran back to the living room and asked the officer, "Will you get my guinea pig?" As he picked up Dottie's cage, Mom grabbed me and her purse (plus all the stuff outside the door) and we all ran downstairs.

By this time the firemen were there trying to stop the fire from spreading. Mom put me and Dottie in the SUV where we would stay for a couple of hours. We were blocked in by a fire truck and had no choice but to stay and watch the devastation. Mom called our friend and neighbor Kathi (@CJLegendKitty's mom) and told her to come home. Dad heard the news from some other neighbors and he came home too.

Our apartment is in the very top left corner.
Mom was purraying very hard that they would get the fire put out soon. She really felt like they would save our apartment. That didn't happen though. The wind was blowing VERY hard that night and it was just too much for the firemen to get under control. It spread quickly to other parts of the building.

That's the deck I used to watch birdies from.

Soon, there was nothing left. Mama knew we had lost everything and we would have to start over the next day. But at least we were all together.

That night, we went to a hotel. It was my first time staying in a hotel! Mom had a blanket for me, a litter box, plus food and water. Things were very strange. Mom cried when she went to bed. I didn't like not being at home, so I slept on the bed between Mom and Dad.

The building was completely destroyed.

The next few days were very strange too. During the day, we went to a friend's apartment. I got to wander around there while Dottie stayed at the hotel. We stayed two nights at the hotel, then we moved into our new apartment. It was strange too. It smelled funny and there was no furniture.

Soon, friends started sending us care packages. I got lots of beds, treats, and toys to replace all the stuff I lost in the fire. It took a long time to get my scent on everything. About a week later, we finally got furniture and that made things seem more normal.

Mom and Dad are gone a lot still. They have to go shopping all the time to replace everything. Dad says they'll be done soon and they will be home more with me.

I'm doing good, though! Mom was very proud of me because I didn't have any accidents or anything during the upheaval. I was just happy to be with my family still! Mama is sad over some of the things we lost, but she knows how blessed we are that things worked out the way they did.

Me and the replacement NipDuck someone sent me.

Mom, Dad, me, and Dottie would like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped us. Whether you sent us gifts, donated to the chip-in, checked on us to make sure we were okay or prayed for us, it was all appreciated. We never could have made it through without all of you!