Monday, April 23, 2012

My Friend Daffy

Do you know my friend Daffy? She's a sweet little dog who lives in the middle of Kansas. I met her on Twitter through my sisfur, Dottie. She is warm and friendly and I'm so glad I met her. You can be her friend too! Just look her up-she's @NoCrybabyDoGs-and send her a follow request, you'll agree that she's pretty pawsome!

Daffy has some unexplained health issues. She has terrible shakes every time she goes to sleep. It has her mom really scared. Her V-E-T in the little town they live in doesn't know why this is happening. He says that Daffy needs to go see a V-E-T at Kansas State University's School of Veterinary Medicine. There they have more advanced technology to figure out what's going on with little Daffy's body.

There are some challenges to this though. First off, K-State is in Manhattan, a couple of hours away from where Daffy and her mom live. Daffy's mom isn't able to make that trip due to her own health problems. Second, a visit with a V-E-T at K-State and all the tests that will have to be done is going to cost a whole lot of money. Daffy and her mom have a pretty tight budget.

This is where Daffy's friends come in! There's an easy and fun way to help out. An organic dog treat bakery in Massachusetts, The Barker's Dozen, selected Daffy as their "Barker's Buddy" and in learning more about her story wanted to help her further. This month EVERY ORDER placed with The Barker's Dozen at will help Daffy. The Barker's Dozen will donate 50% of the profits of every sale to Daffy so she can get to K-State. They're doing this through the end of April, so time is running out! You can also just donate to the Chip-In The Barker's Dozen set up for Daffy at:

If you can't give money or order dog treats, can you take the time to retweet the message? Spreading the word helps too! Just follow The Barker's Dozen on Twitter at @TheDailyBarker. Every day they tweet the fundraiser and you can retweet it to share the information. You can also share this blog post. It's not limited to Twitter, either! Spread the word on Facebook, via email, or at lunch with friends.

Daffy is a very special friend to us. She and her mom sent us a wonderful care package after the fire. Mom is going to get the chance to meet Daffy in person soon to thank them. Since Daffy's mom can't take her to Manhattan, Mom is going to take her! Yep, Mom is going to pick her up, deliver her to K-State, and take her home when it's all done.

It would mean a lot to me if you could help Daffy. She's a dear and trusted friend and I know how worried her mom is about her. Let's pull together to reach out to them.


  1. I know Daffy from twitter, too... but I never knew she had these health issues. Hope her new doctors will be able to fix her right up. Thanks for sharing the info regarding The Barker's Dozen with everybody! purrs

  2. OMC! That is so pawsome of your mom to do that. I hope they can figure out what's going on with Daffy. She's and her mom have been thru so much already. *hugs*

  3. Daffy recommended the blueberry crunches and I had Mom order me some! I like them a lot! Thank you to @TheDailyBarker and @SeabassCat!!

  4. OMC seabass that so amazing you mom do that
    Hugs Daffy is very speshual to me as well.

  5. *Doing #SillyLilyDance* YAY for your Mom taking Daffy to the Vet at K-State! I know your Mom is pawsome - she's a #RedSox fan after all, but this is just the most wonderful news ever! I worry abt Daffy & her Mom - this is such a wonderful gift to give them! You've been through so much past few months - many would still be concentrating on rebuilding their own life. But you're paying it forward - and our sweet Daffy is going to be able to get to the special vet! YOU & you Mom ROCK Seb! Love you! ((HUGS))

  6. Isn't this just pawesome!! We bet these gifts would make great paw pawty pwizes too...just meowin'. *hint to Mommy*

  7. This is wonderful buddy! {{{hugs}}} fur you & your mom! We love Daffy and her mom so much, they're very special twitter buddies. Hopefully the vets will be able to help our pal. What an amazing thing to do fur them. thank you!

  8. *momma crying*
    thank you, thank you, thank you....
    for taking daffy to vet for her momma.
    We donated on the chip in big time to help. (sorry bakery but I is a picky treat puppy)

    we wonts forget your love and kindness to our special friends daffy and her momma......