Monday, January 23, 2012

#MOBlogPaws: Delicious Doggie Treats

So far, I've told you about many of the cool things that humans would like about Kansas City. Now I'm going to tell you why the doggies will want to have a BlogPaws conference in Kansas City: KC is home to a gourmet dog bakery, Three Dog Bakery.

The founding bakery is located on the Country Club Plaza, which has been featured in a couple of previous #MOBlogPaws posts. Dogs are always welcome in Three Dog Bakery and are even offered a sample treat when they visit! Three Dog Bakery offers all-natural, baked treats, pastries, and food. Don't worry kitties-they have cat treats too! "We Pity the Kitties" treats come in chicken and salmon flavors.

Three Dog Bakery was started in 1989 by Dan Dye and Mark Beckloff and their three dogs, Dottie, Gracie, and Sarah Jean The Biscuit Queen. Mom actually got to meet Sarah Jean! All three dogs have now gone Over The Rainbow Bridge, but their legacy continues. There is even a book about Gracie titled Amazing Gracie: A Dog's Tale by Dan and Mark.

In order to help not-for-profit rescue groups, the Three Dog Bakery Foundation was created. The company gives up to 1% of its net profits annually to help the Foundation.

There are several locations around the world, but the founding bakery on the Plaza is pretty special. It is the heart of the company and is very warm and welcoming. Three Dog Bakery is a must-see for any dog visiting Kansas City. In fact, every time Mom goes to Wichita, she goes to Three Dog Bakery first and buys treats for Grandpa's dog, Yaz, since he doesn't get to visit them himself. So, start barking doggie pals! Tell your humans you want to come to Kansas City for BlogPaws in 2013!


  1. Mom's never been to Kansas City, sounds like a great place! (Even if I have to stay at the Lounge while she's away!)

  2. FaRADaY: OOH! OOH! OOH! And they has wunnnnerful fishy salmon treats for the kittehs too. Mommy never buys them for us though. *reproachful look*

  3. That sounds like a pawsome place. We think the kittehz should come to Wichita too. Our Mommy would like so much to go.

  4. (singing) Kansas City - here I come! (M Made me do it. he he - she said it used to be a song once upon a time.) It's been 40 years since she's been to Kansas City, so she'd love to go back.

  5. We are in Kansas City. We have to try this place!

    1. You really should! Mom goes every time she is at the Plaza!

  6. We have a Three Dog in our town. They have some Tasty Stuff!

    I hope you'll join us and add this post to our Tasty Tuesday blog hop!

  7. That looks quite yummy! We wish we had one here