Monday, January 2, 2012

When you care enough to visit the very best - #MOBlogpaws

We want to thank Sebastian for letting us post again on
one of our favorite topics!

You’re talking about ME right?

No, silly! We’re talking about yet another reason BlogPaws should be hosted in Missouri: it’s the home of one of America’s icons, Hallmark Cards.

Momma’s job is an American icon???

Where she works is! It’s one of the very few privately held third-generation family run companies in the U.S. (Only a third of all family run companies make it to the second generation, and even less to generation #3.)

And it’s a company that’s all about helping people connect with one another and share how they feel. How many companies can claim to do that?

And it’s not just through cards, either. They make ornaments, gifts, interactive storybooks, even TV specials like “Jingle All the Way” (voted by the NY Times as best new holiday TV special)! And it all started from one man’s dream and two shoeboxes of cards hidden under a bed at the YMCA.

We won’t give away the whole story cuz we wants you to come see the fab documentary mommy produced that plays in the Visitor’s Center Theatre here in Kansas City, but Hallmark is a pretty cool part of American history!
And their art collection? Mowzers! Mommy walks past Picassos, Salvadore Dalis & Grandma Moses Originals *every day*!! She knows the curator at the Hallmark Archives & will ask them for a Special Tour just for BlogPaws, if it comes to Kansas City. (included are an entire Tibetan Thai Temple, tons of Illuminated Manuscripts from the 1500s, and loads of other really cool stuff!)

But here's a teaser, with some great pics of Hallmark's international headquarters at Crown Center in Kansas City, also home of Kaleidoscope (a free creative ideation facility for kids) and the soon-to-open LEGO Land and Sea Life Experiences. I think Sebastian plans to tell you more about them in an upcoming blog post, so be on the watch for it.

Master Artist hand lettering a card

Hallmark's Corporate Entrance

Master Artist sculpting an ornament

Hallmark At Night

The hand of the artist - using watercolor

Kaleidoscope: A place kids are invited to be creative & have fun

Visitor's Center & Museum: make your own bow & see fads from the past like paper dresses


  1. What a cool place - you're Mom is lucky to work there! I hope that BlogPaws will be held in KC so I have a chance to see it. And thanks to Sebastian for sharing his blog! xo

  2. If BlogPaws does not come to MO I say we create our own Group focused specifically on Pet Bloggers in Triberr. Yep, small and intimate.... at first ;<) Let me know....

  3. Mario's mom here - I'd love touring Hallmark cards. Never realized they were located in your great city.

  4. Oh mom just luvs Hallmark. We don't have many in our area anymore. Many years ago, they sold really nice desk sets. She used to collect da miniature Christmas ornaments too!

  5. I really appreciate Ryker and his crew guest posting again for #MoBlogPaws! Mom is a big fan of Hallmark and thinks it's soooo cool that their Mom works there! Here's a little something else about the area around the Hallmark Visitor's Center.

  6. Allie, you are so smart! Thank you for telling us more about Hallmark - we love them too!

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  8. As a fellow Kansas Citian, I'm definitely on board with the idea of having BlogPaws in KC!