Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I got mail last week! It was so fun! Mom came through the door and announced, "Guess who got mail? Sebastian got mail!" I was so excited. She put the package down on the floor and I inspected it closely. It was a very pretty package, don't you think?

After I thoroughly sniffed it, I had Mom help me open it (these darn paws!) and get the contents out. It was full of toys! There was a catnip toy-complete with catnip-a ball, and two mousies! I love my mousie toy so I was especially excited to get new ones. There was also a note from @MaggieTKat. It was the pwize I won at the #blogpawty last month on Twitter!

I sniffed the toys, checking them all out and trying to decide which I wanted to play with first. It is such a hard decision when there are so many cool things to choose from!

Thanks to Maggie for giving such a great pwize! It was my first #pawty on Twitter and certainly not my last. The anipals are so much fun and it always supports a good cause! If you haven't been to one, you really should check it out. I hope to see you there!

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  1. Dat maggie has nice prizes doesn't she & her cards are extra special. Now you'll have new things to play with for awhile.