Sunday, December 5, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #16: My 2nd Job

Well, of course, my first job is just like any other kitty out there. I'm here to take care of my humans-and it's a never-ending job! I cuddle and purr and warm laps day after day. I take my job very seriously, too. Purrsonally, I love my job and get tons of enjoyment from it.

I do have another job though. That job is to be an ambassador for homeless pets. You can always see a slideshow running on the side of my bloggy with pictures of adoptable pets at Wayside Waifs here in Kansas City. Sometimes I write a special blog for one of the animals at the shelter and I have written a couple of guest posts for Wayside Waifs as well.

Anderson is awaiting his forever home at Wayside Waifs.

I know how important it is to help get homeless pets adopted, my days at the shelter are still fresh in my mind. I hope that I can do some good in my little part of the world, whether I have helped a pet find its forever home or inspired another kitty to be an ambassador too.


  1. That is so great that you dussn't furget from wenst you came and help the udders left behind.

  2. That is a really important job as an ambassador good luck with that you are an essential member of our society!