Friday, May 18, 2012

ABC Meme

I was tagged by both CJ over at CJ's PawPad and Allie at A Tonk's Tail to do this meme, so I'd better do it!

B-Bird watching from the deck.
D-Deck-time is the best.
E-Early riser. Then I go back to bed in Mom's spot.
F-Friendly to anyone who walks through the door.
G-GREENIES-eating machine!
H-Husky, I am absolutely not fat.
I-Important part of the family.
K-Kisses, I love giving them.
N-Neutered, hey, it's important to talk about it!
O-Office assistant for Mom.
Q-Quite handsome.
R-ReadPawty is my favorite Twitter get-together.
S-Sensitive Soul, just like my blog says.
T-Two-lap cat. Like I said, husky, not fat.
V-Volunteering, Mom does it & you should too!
W-Wayside Waifs, where Mom & I met.
X-eXpressive, I say what's on my mind.
Y-Young at heart, age is just a number.
Z-Zoomies, I get em when Dad comes home.

I'm now going to tag Mario at Mario's Mewsings. He's such a great pal, always reading my bloggie and commenting. I can't wait to see his meme!


  1. Those were great answers, Sebastian! They were SO apropos.

  2. Great job, Sebastian!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  3. ABC's are a great way to learn about you Sebastian :)
    You are a cool cat :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  4. Sebastian... a little off topic, I know but... I just HAD to thank you publicly for the card you sent. I'm so glad you enjoyed the nip-filled mice. AND... the best part... the day your card arrived... the peeps got nothing in the mail but I got the card from you! Yeah... I was the ONLY one to get mail that day!!! Hehehe... peeps were so jealous, I think. Only I got mail. What fun!

  5. Pawesome ABCs!! Mommy loves the V and the W!