Monday, June 18, 2012

This Is Not Goodbye

As you probably know by know, I went Over the Rainbow Bridge late last Friday night. I had been very sick for a week, with no explanation as to what was wrong with me.

The previous Friday, Mom and Dad woke up to find that I had a barfisode in the living room. I spent the entire day in bed, only getting up when Dad picked me up and carried my out. I didn't eat at all, drank a little water and used my kitty box once. Mom and Dad thought I just had a tummy ache.

The next morning, Saturday, I was up and around on my own, but moving slowly. I had used my box again during the night. Dad convinced me to eat one of my favorite treats, a small piece of dried salmon, and some Whisker Lickin's treats. I continued to drink water, but never ate my kibble and didn't use my box any more that day.

When Sunday came and I still hadn't perked up, Mom and Dad took my to my V-E-T office, Banfield. I saw a doctor there that I had never seen before. She thought my situation was very dire, possibly hepatic lipidosis, a liver disease. I stayed there while they ran blood work on me. The doctor called Mom right away and said that it instead looked to be diabetic ketoacidosis and that I needed to go to the emergency and specialty hospital right away.

Mom and Dad rushed right back to get me and drove me to Blue Pearl where they were awaiting my arrival. The emergency vet looked me over and looked at the test results from Banfield. She said it was not DKA, because I didn't have any ketones. She didn't know what was going on though. She said I needed to stay so they could take care of me and find out what was wrong.

Over the next week, there were many ups and downs with my care. They kept running tests and ruling out different things, but still couldn't come up with any answers. My body temperature was low, my blood pressure was low, and my glucose was high. They had me on fluids to rehydrate me and get my BP up, however I then started having trouble breathing so they put me in an oxygen bed. Every time they would get one thing under control, something else would happen. I wasn't strong enough to use the litter box, so they put in a catheter. I HATED that thing! It was so uncomfortable.

In the oxygen bed.
Finally, on Friday, the internist who was caring for me told Mom and Dad that they didn't know what else to do for me, but if I was going to stay I needed a feeding tube because I hadn't eaten all week. Dad decided I should go home, thinking I might eat if I was in my home, in comfortable surroundings.

When Dad decided to take me home.
Mom and Dad took me home around 3 PM Friday. They gave me my medicine and syringe fed me a couple of times. I was so weak. I couldn't walk very well and I was having a hard time breathing. I walked to my water fountain to get a drink, but it was so difficult that in between laps of water, I rested my head on the edge of the bowl. Then I made my way to the bathroom where I laid on the tile. Mom felt me and I was very cold. I was uncomfortable, constantly changing positions. I hadn't slept since I had come home. I started to cry a little. Mom was sad to see me like that. She told Dad that I couldn't go on like that and they needed to take me back to Blue Pearl.

I rode in the back seat with Dad while Mom took us for my final car ride. The techs at Blue Pearl had a very hard time getting an IV in my paws because they were so swollen. Finally, they took me back in to Mom and Dad. By then it was shortly before 1 AM. Mom held me on her lap, talked to me, and gave me smoochies. Soon, I felt sleepy, then all the pain was gone. I could sense sadness from Mom and Dad, but I was so happy.

Now I'm at the Rainbow Bridge and things are wonderful! There are nip fields to run in and I can eat all the salmon I want. Mom is so very sad, but I know she'll feel better and one day we'll be together again. Leaving Earth is not goodbye.


  1. Mom has leaky eyes reading your story Seb. Your Mom & Dad love you so much & they tried so hard to keep you here with them. In the end they gave you the hardest gift they could ever give, freedom from pain. When yours ended theirs started.... We'll always have a ((HUG)) for them & I'll send #ComfortingPurrs when they're sad. This isn't good bye - it's til we meet again! Love you Seb! OxOxO

  2. oh Sebastian buddy! We're so glad that you're pain free and our thoughts are w/ your mom & dad. You'll always be with them. Sending hugs!

  3. DearSebastian we are happy you are no longer in pain and life is good over the Rainbow Bridge with all sorts of friends. We are sending your mom and dad hugs to help them feel less sad.
    Hug hug hug
    Boomie, Annie Sparkles & Connie

  4. So sorry you were so sick before you left us. Comforting purrs and pawsitive thoughts fur your family during this difficult time. From all of us at Prancer Pie.

  5. Dear Sebastian,

    We are so happy that you are pain free and happy now. You poor buddy, going through all of that. You are a brave, brave boy.

    We're all here, supporting your mom and dad. Rest in peace, sweetie.

    xo, Romeo, Pugsley and Staff

  6. Dear Sebastian it is never goodbye its i will see you later they gave you the greatest gift they could lots of love and purrs for your mom and dad. You will always be with them in their heart in yours. We go run in the nip fields sweet kitteh and then we watch over the humans on the clouds

    xo hugs

  7. I am so sad for your humans, Sebastian - they must have felt so helpless because nothing they or the vets were doing was helping you. I have been sending them lots of purrs. It is comforting to know that you are no longer in pain and you are right, it is never good-bye.

  8. A salute to you, good sir, and we will all see you on the other side. But for now, we're gonna leak a little bit for your mom and dad, because it hurts that you're there and not here. I'm really, really sorry...

  9. We so said u had to leave earth early but u will pick out ur replacement to ease the pain ur parents feel. U got lots of company at the RB.

  10. We are so sad to hear you were going through all this and even sadder for your mom and dad. We know Cosmo was there to welcome you at the Bridge. (((hugs))) to your mom and dad. We will miss you, Sebastian.

  11. We will not say good-bye. We will say that we are sad for your mom and dad and we will send lots of purrs to them. It is hardest for those who are not leaving.

  12. I'm so sorry for your mom and dad, Seb. Losing furbabies is very hard on them. But I know that you are happy and pain-free playing with all your OTRB friends. xo

  13. thanks for the update - we are glad you had a safe journey. we know your mom and dad miss you very much.....

  14. We really have leaky eyes here. It almost sounds like you had what Nicky had. They guessed it was an embollism or maybe he inadvertently ate some household poison. He went to the hospital after having seizures at home. He was shaking and couldn't breathe. The emergency vet was over an hour away and he screamed in the car the entire way. I hope you and Nicky can keep each other company. Cod speed, dear furrend. Comforting purrs for your Mom and Dad.

  15. Seb ma pal. you haz H2 cryin herz eyes out readin dis (n me too). U iz and always will be ma furrend. Lub u!

  16. Oh Sebastian, you have us all leaky eyed here too. But we're so glad to know you're in a wonderful place and feeling good again. We'll give extra comforting thoughts to your mom and dad.
    Diane and Cosmo

  17. Im so sorry sebastian. But now you are pain free and happy. My mom right now is crying after reading your story. You were blessed to have a mom n dad who loved n cared for you.

    Goldie, baby girl, deric
    The goldies

  18. Sebastian, my mommy is crying cause she knows what it's like to lose a fur child. Her Admiral flew away to the Bridge middle of December.

    I know my mom sends love and comfort and I send soft purrs for your mommy and daddy. And you and all the others who went before are free and young again. Much love sweet boy. Lots of love always here and at the Bridge. xoxoxo

  19. Oh Sebastian, I'm so sad you had to leave us now. I know your Mom and Dad are feeling really bad and must miss you a lot. We are always happy when pain is no more and love is present, but we won't be the same without you. Rest well angel.

  20. Darn it anyway...this is the second one I have read this morning my eyes are leaking..... I sure hope you find Sadie (who is actually a lovely dog, but who loves cats) and you get to see each other on the other side of the bridge.....

    sending your Mom and Dad a big hug.....