Thursday, November 8, 2012

Featured Furry: Andy

Mama has a new shelter love.

His name is Andy and he is 3 years old. He is very sweet and right away was climbing up on Mama to give her a hug. When he did that, Mom could feel immediately that he was very skinny. She gave him a few treats and noticed he hadn't eaten the wet food in his kennel. She got him a different kind of food and encouraged him to eat.

And eat he did!

In between eating, Mama would pick Andy up and carry him around. He loved being in her arms, carried like a baby. Mama really misses having me to cuddle, so Andy was a blessing to hold.

Andy is waiting to be retested for FIV. Since he came in as a stray, the folks at Wayside Waifs want to make sure about his health.

Andy says "Adopt me!"
Andy is a super sweet boy who would give tons of love to the family that gives him a forever home. If you're interested, go meet him at Wayside Waifs in Kansas City.


Andy spent a week with Mom and Dad on furlough from the shelter. He and Harvey got along great, but he and Dad just didn't connect. It was good for him to get out of his kennel for a few days, though.

Check out the video shot by Lisa Richman, Mama's favorite friend and fellow volunteer.


  1. Uh oh, I think someone may be getting a new furry friend. Sure hope Harvey isn't jealous!

  2. Andy sounds adorable! Just how much is your human in love with him? Hm?

  3. True love cannot be denied... methinks Andy may have found his home already?

  4. Maybe she could swap him for Harvey, not that I want Harvey to be homeless or anything. HAH! TW always talks about swapping me.

  5. Um. WE KNOW SOMETHING, we do!!! And we canz be bribed. Just meowing, in case anyone else wants to know what WE know....

  6. Awwww Andy does sound like a sweetie. Maybe you should add him to your family! he he