Monday, April 15, 2013


Mama stopped to see her niece recently. While she was there, she got to meet her cat, Figaro.

He's wearing the paper collar because he had just been neutered the day before. Mama was proud of her niece for being a responsible pet owner! I think she'll try to visit more often because she thinks Figaro is a really cool cat!


  1. What a cutie. It's nice to see a young person being a responsible pet owner. YAY for her.

  2. I love the photo of Figaro doing foot hunting! Looks like he caught a live one!

  3. How cute! Figaro looks just like a cat who should be name Figaro.

  4. I am very precious, I know! Thanks for seeing it in me too! My family found me in a pot hole in an alley. They just couldn't leave me there. THe vet wasn't sure I would make it but here I am, and I am one heck of a foot hunter! You should see the dance my family does trying to dodge my stealthy moves!


  5. What an adorable little guy! It looks like he could give my cat a run for his money when it comes to chasing those feet.