Thursday, June 20, 2013

Gwen Cooper is Coming to Kansas City

I'm a big fan of Homer the Blind Wondercat, so that means I'm a big fan of his mom, too. Gwen Cooper is going to be in Kansas City this Saturday, June 22nd and I can't wait!

She's going to be here promoting her book Love Saves the Day. You can read my review here. The short review is: it's PAWESOME!

You should come out to seen Gwen on Saturday at Unity Temple on the Plaza, 707 W. 47th St. She'll be there talking about her book and cats at 1 p.m.


  1. I can't wait for her to come to Los Angeles! Although I doubt Gwen will have the time to actually come visit ME, my human will definitely go see her (she has already offered to help her in any way she can).

  2. Oh how I wish she were coming here. That was such a good book.

  3. We sure wish we lived there, because Gwen Cooper is awesome. Enjoy!

  4. We LOVE GWEN!! We reviewed her book too! Have a great time! Send her our love!

  5. When you see Gwen, I wonder if you could ax a question for my furrend Selina. Her Mom just starting fostering Ray Charles and his sister Rachel. Ray is blind and looks just like Homer. He's very afraid and won't let her touch or hold him. What should she do to gain his trust?