Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hello, Homer

A week ago today, Homer the Blind Wondercat came to the Rainbow Bridge. His Mom & Dad didn't tell the world for a few days, giving them time to grieve privately.

The news hit everyone hard and Mama was no different. She shed some tears knowing what Homer's Mom was going through, wishing she could offer some comfort. Homer touched many people and changed many lives just by people knowing about him. Mama is especially thankful that his Mom wrote the book about him. It helped her make a very special friend.

Back in October of 2010, Homer's mom, Gwen Cooper, came to Kansas City to read from her book. Mama decided to go, even though she was going to have to go by herself. It turned out that I was tweeting with @Ryker_Tyker that day and found out his mom was going too! We worked it out so that our moms would meet at the reading.

It was a great night! Mama got to meet both Ryker's mom and Homer's mom! Mama and Ryker's mom have since become very special friends and it's all thanks to Homer and his mom.

I made sure to welcome Homer to the Rainbow Bridge and thank him purrsonally for leading Mama to such a good friend. 


  1. So kind of you to welcome Homer. While I'm sure his misses his mom very much he is glad to be feeling better..

  2. I love how Homer did so much good in the world, for both kitties and humans. I hope he continues to do that from beyond this earthly plane.

  3. we are glad you mom got a new friend and we are glad you are welcoming Homer....

  4. This is such a sweet story, and you are very special to to be their for Homer. It's love and friends all around. Nothing beats that.

  5. Nice one Sebastian. Lovely little story and sweetens our loss of a dear cat who we all love very much.

  6. Homer was indeed an extraordinary mancat who will live on as a legend. It sounds like the two of you make a great team, and had many things in common. I'm sure he was happy to see you waiting for him at the Bridge, ready to continue your friendship and pass time having fun until the day you see your Mom and family again.