Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 1 of Guinea Pig Fostering-Gizmo and Yoda

Mama is fostering a bonded pair of guinea pigs. The male, Yoda, was neutered today and needed a quiet place to recover. His BFF Gizmo came too so they wouldn't have to be separated.

Guinea pig B&B.

Mama set up Dottie's playpen in the office for them to stay in while they're here. For now, they have to have a barrier between them, but once Yoda is better, she'll remove it and they will be in the same space.

Yoda's surgery went well and he was eating right away. Mom got a salad for dinner and made sure to put in some extra veggies for the visiting piggies (and Dottie too!). They both ate them up! Yoda especially liked the carrot.

Gizmo eating her veggies.
After he ate, Mama gave Yoda his medicine. He was a very good boy and took it. Then she checked his incision to make sure it looked okay.

Yoda after having his veggies and medicine.

Gizmo is keeping an eye on Yoda.
 I'll keep you posted on Yoda's recovery!


  1. MOWZERS! Dottie's having a sleepover, gang! Are we invited too?

    Seriously, we're so glad that Yoda's doing well. We know a lot of peeps were worried about that.

  2. I had no idea that Guinea pigs got neutered! A kitty learns something new every day.

  3. They are so cute. We had a guinea pig named Taffy as a child; he was great, and I have many fond memories of the time he was with us.

    We are glad that Yoda is doing well.