Monday, January 27, 2014

Chestnut Is Looking For Her Prince Charming #ChooseChestnut

Last month, Mama took in a unique kitty to foster. Her name is Chestnut. What makes her unique? Besides being a torbie and the toritude that goes along with that, she is polydactyl on all four paws AND she's bobtailed!

Chestnut is 6 years old and is front declawed. She had a rough time last year. She had actually been adopted, but things didn't work out because somebody didn't respect her boundaries. Because of that, she takes a while to trust the people in her life. It's taken some time with Mom & Dad, but now she has figured out that they aren't going to hurt her and she can relax around them.

In fact, Chestnut has really taken to Dad.

She is the most relaxed with him. She will cuddle with him as long as he will let her. Mama thinks she would thrive with a single man or a male couple. I know her Prince Charming(s) is out there somewhere!

She is playful when she's relaxed and loves to just hang out with you. She helps Mama in her office every day and she makes a great assistant!

Chestnut definitely needs to be in a home without children or other pets. She needs a calm environment and time to adjust to a new home. Her forever family would be patient with her and would be willing to learn her signals, respecting her need for distance at times.

You can see more of Chestnut by searching #ChooseChestnut on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There you will see the pictures Mama and I post of her and you can keep up on her progress.

If you think you are Chestnut's Prince Charming, you can make arrangements to meet her by contacting Wayside Waifs in Kansas City.


  1. Chestnut sounds like a real sweetheart, and we love that bobtail of hers. :)

    Purring and praying she'll find her purrfect forever home -- with her very own Prince Charming -- soon.

  2. I love the #choosechestnut tag. What a little adorbie (that's adorable torbie. Get it? :) ) Good luck, Chestnut!! - Crepes.