Thursday, July 24, 2014

Featured Furry-Sinatra UPDATED

Mama met a very handsome boy at Wayside Waifs last night. His name is Sinatra and he's a flame-point Siamese. Talk about Old Blue Eyes! This guy has some peepers!

Sinatra, a youngun' at 2 years old, came to Wayside from another shelter. He has had some issues with skin allergies and ended up with a few hotspots. Now that the allergies have cleared up, his fur is filling in where it had been kind of thin.

Sinatra is also FIV positive, but like I have explained before, FIV isn't a big issue. As long as a kitty has regular veterinary check-ups and is kept healthy, he can live a long, normal life.

He is a friendly guy who gets along with other cats. Right now he's rooming with another FIV positive kitty, Scotty. (Look for more info about Scotty soon.)

If you are interested in adopting Sinatra, you should probably act fast. A kitty that handsome won't last long!

Scotty and Sinatra were adopted together yesterday!


  1. Sinatra is a very handsome guy!

  2. What a handsome fellow he is. Love his name too. Hope he's adopted real soon.

  3. Sinatra is certainly a handsome blue eyed boy!

  4. We love Sinatra - as long as our mommy doesn't bring him HOME (heee).
    She's going out to Wayside tomorrow to do videos of both of those boys!

  5. What a handsome boy, I've always loved the way flame point kitties look..