Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Featured Furry-DJ

This week's featured furry is a very special 4 month old kitten. His name is DJ and friend of mine saved him from the cold.

My friend Robert saw this tiny black kitten hanging around his yard. Being the awesome cat-man that he is, he started feeding the kitten. This wasn't his first rodeo; Robert already had one black cat, plus he had taken in another stray black cat last year. Still, he knew this little guy needed rescuing.

When the weather was about to turn brutally cold and snow was on the way, Robert saved the little black kitten from the harsh weather and brought him into his warm, safe bathroom.

Photo by Robert Tonchuk
He knew he couldn't stay though. With two cats already, he couldn't keep a third, even one as cute as a button. Not to mention very likely related to the stray he took in last year, now named Duke. Instead, after providing him with a name, DJ (Duke Jr.), and some cuddles, Robert took DJ to Great Plains SPCA.

Photo by Robert Tonchuk.
I've been waiting patiently for little DJ to come off his stray hold and make his way to the adoption center at Great Plains in Merriam. Yesterday was my lucky day!

I went right to his kennel and scooped him up. He is just the sweetest little thing! No squirming, no fussing. Just cuddles.

I think he might be a guy's cat though. When my hubby held him, the purr motor really started!

DJ is so magnificent that my hubby was ready to take him home. Can you believe that I was the one who had to put my foot down? After one last smooch, I wished DJ luck and put him back in his kennel.

I'm sure he'll be adopted in a heartbeat! Wherever he goes, he will make some family complete. If you think that family is yours, go meet him at Great Plains SPCA in Merriam. You'd better hurry!


  1. Aww, DJ is so cute! He looks just like his Dad. I’m so happy Robert brought him to Great Plains. He’s a great cat daddy. Pop used to work with him once upon a time.

  2. DJ is so cute! He's going to be a delightful member of the family who sees him and falls in love.

  3. well isn't he a cutie! and I find it a riot that you were the one to say no

  4. DJ dood, keep revving that purr motor! You'll have a forever home in no time!