Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Photo Shoot Outtakes-Harvey

I waited until the last minute to get our Christmas cards together, which included waiting until the last minute to take the cats' Christmas pictures. I got some good shots, but there were a lot more crazy ones. Here's what happened when I put the scarf on Harvey.

I'm pretty sure he's plotting my death.
 Harvey can look rather smug at times and I was really going for more of a "cute" look. That turned out to be a challenge.

Then he couldn't decide if he was going to bolt from the room or try for the ultra-closeup.

But he's oh, so handsome, even in the bad shots!


  1. MOL! One thing my human has learned in her years of cat blogging is never wait until the last minute for the cat shots!

  2. We love outtakes! Mom Paula gave up on trying to get any photos of us with holiday attire.

  3. You should see the outtakes of when I tried to make my 3 wear a Santa hat! ~Island Cat Mom