Friday, November 12, 2010

GREENIES JointCare Wag & Walk 4 Life

Hey doggie friends! Have I got news for you! GREENIES JointCare is issuing a challenge to you and your humans. They have gotten together with veterinarian (don't stop reading, I'm sure he's a purrfectly nice person who just happens to be a V-E-T) and triathlete Dr. Ernie Ward to get Americans to go out and walk with their dogs. It's called the GREENIES JointCare Wag & Walk 4 Life.

Here's the challenge: Go to the GREENIES Facebook page at and pledge to walk a certain distance with your human every week. Once all the pledges add up to 25,000 miles (the distance around the earth), GREENIES JointCare will begin monetary and in-kind donations to Freedom Service Dogs, based in Englewood, Colorado. The donations will support their training camp that places a service dog with a disabled veteran who needs a mobility partner. With Veterans Day having just passed, isn't this a good way to give back to those who have fought for our freedom?

In addition to helping out Freedom Service Dogs, you and your human will see personal benefits. For every 30 minutes of dog-walking, 120+ calories are burned-that is great this time of year when you won't be able to keep your human's hands out of the holiday goodies. Also, studies show that regular dog walking builds stronger bones, leaner muscles and healthier joints for both the human and the dog.

So get on over to the GREENIES Facebook page and pledge to get out there and walk! It will be good for you, your human and a veteran who needs the help of a service dog.


  1. We LOVE Greenies!! What a wonderful thing they're doing!!

  2. I thought so too! I have my Greenies Dental treats every day and I love them!

  3. OK, I like greenies, but I don't like walking, but I will TRY to walk 30 minutes - mom, stop laughing!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. That's wonderful Pip! Good luck and let me know how you do!

  5. Thanks for helping spread the word! You are a good kitty. - a Freedom Service Dogs volunteer