Thursday, November 4, 2010

Need A Donation Idea?

Mom was shopping at Target today (she didn't bring me anything, by the way) when she saw a great way to donate to your local shelter for just a little money.

In the "Dollar Spot" section there were fleece blankets for just $2.50! You could buy 4 of them for just $10 or 10 of them for $25.00. That would make a wonderful donation to your local shelter. Shelters are always needing warm blankets for their kitties and doggies waiting for their forever homes. It would mean a lot to a homeless pet to have something warm to snuggle on with the weather getting colder.

Just a little something to keep in mind when you're out doing your regular shopping: You can pick up an item or two on each trip and soon have a huge gift to give to your shelter. Always be on the lookout for specials like the blankets at Target or sales on things like paper towels, bleach, cat litter or treats. Shelters are always needing these items!


  1. In case you were wondering, Mom took my advice and bought 4 blankets to take to the shelter!

  2. Excellent idea friend. Thanks for suggesting it.