Monday, July 18, 2011

Help My Former Shelter Win A Prize

You've heard me talk about my former shelter, Wayside Waifs, and my favorite adoption counselor there, Sharon. She encouraged Mom to adopt me (she knows a good match when she sees one) and now she's doing something just as pawsome. She has made a video about what she does at the shelter for a competition hosted by her alma mater, Capella University. The winning videos get a $10,000 grant and of course this means that Wayside Waifs would get the prize! That would buy a LOT of mousie toys.

In order for Sharon's video to win, everybody must vote, vote, vote! Here's how:
  • Go to
  • Scroll down to the "Community Submissions"
  • Click on the right arrow until you see the screen shot of cages titled "Achieving my Goal of Making a Difference in the Lives of People and Animals"
  • Click to play the video (Sharon is the pretty lady talking!)
  • Click on the VOTE button
Here's the screen shot to look for.
You can vote every day and I hope you will! I'll be sure to send out reminders so you won't forget. Thanks for voting!


  1. Going to vote right now.

  2. I voted and hope they win. I know they do a pawsome job of caring for the anipals and helping in the community.

  3. Thank you all! It means a lot to me and Mom that you voted!

  4. Gonna share on some discussion forums I belong to. Is anyone on Might be a good way to get tons of votes!