Thursday, October 20, 2011

Featured Furry: Encore Presentation of Jellybean and Veronica

Back in August I introduced you to a pair of kitties who need to be adopted together, Jellybean and Veronica. Well, they're still waiting for their forever home!

This weekend, they have their chance to find the perfect family. Wayside Waifs in Kansas City is having a special promotion called "Find Your Boo" starting tomorrow at 2 PM. During this event, all pet adoption fees will be HALF PRICE!

Surely this will be the weekend when these two lovely kitties get to move out of the shelter and live in a real home!

Jellybean and Mom's newest tattoo, modeled after the black beauty on her lap!

Veronica. Doesn't she have the most amazing whiskers?

If you're looking to add a pet to your home, this is the time to do it! How can you beat a deal like half price adoptions? Even if these gals aren't the right fit for you, stop by and say hi to them, and tell them Sebastian sent ya!


  1. I am keeping my paws crossed that the right human shows up this weekend for Jelly Bean and Veronica!

  2. I'm keeping my paws crossed too friend. They are both so cute and very deserving of dat forever home.

  3. I do hopin dey gets adopted soon. Such purrty kittehs!

    I likes da noo tat.

  4. They were adopted together on Sunday, meowza! Thank you for reposting about them, Sebastian!