Thursday, February 2, 2012

Featured Furry: Kookie and Fluffy

This edition of Featured Furry spotlights two doggies, Fluffy and Kookie. They're sisfur dogs who were given up by their owner when she could no longer care for them. They're great girls who really need to find their forever home.

Fluffy is 6 years old and has vision problems. She's not completely blind, but can see shadows. Kookie is 5 years old and acts as Fluffy's caretaker. Both girls are housebroken and walk well on leashes.



Recently, they were chosen to be furloughed, meaning they got a field trip out of the shelter to go home with a volunteer. Check out the video of them when they got to spend some time acting like normal dogs.

If you think you're the right match for these two full-figured gals, come out to Wayside Waifs and meet them. I'm sure you'll find they're about the sweetest doggies you'll ever meet!

Big thanks to Katie Quirk for the video!


  1. We hope they find the perfect forever home soon!!! Mom met them and they are super sweet! Had no idea they'd been at Wayside for so long :(

  2. Oh my gosh - they are so cute. I sure hope they find a good home soon.

  3. Crossing paws for a wonderful forever family for them both!

    Come on over to our bloggie - we just gave you the Pawesome Blogger award!! W00t! W00t!

  4. Oh they are SO adorable (and this is from a CAT!) who could resist them??