Monday, February 6, 2012

#MOblogPaws - KC By The Numbers

The gang from are back to tell us more reasons BlogPaws should come to Kansas City!

Hi everyone! We're baaaack! Thanks to Sebastian & his mom for letting us guest post on their blog again about one of our fave topics - our hometown.

Mommy loooves lists, so when she saw this one in the newspaper, she knew she had to share!

Kansas City is popping up on all sorts of national lists and here's where we rank in them:

Top Five

Kansas City was in the top 5 in.... (hit it, Faraday!)

#5 - Most Charity-Conscious City (Charity Navigator)

This is not ranked, as you might think, per capita. Instead, Charity Navigator looked at the financial health of the nonprofits in a city. And KC ranked fifth most healthy!
(That's because we have such big hearts)

#4 - Most Underrated US Cities (

Did you know we house the US's only WW I Museum? We also have an American Jazz Muesum (we *are* the home of 19th & Vine after all) and the Negro League Baseball Muesum, to name a few.

#3 - America's Manliest Cities (Sperling's Best Places)

*puffs out chest* They must have seen my Fabio picture. 'Nuff said.

#2 - Top 10 Cities for Book Lovers (

As kittehs we love this! More lap time! Mommy definitely contributes to this statistic, since she loves to read.


#1 - Favorite City for Barbecue (Travel + Leisure Magazine)

No really! We didn't make this up! Our city has tons and tons of places filled with the smoky mouth-watering aroma of barbecue. One of our faves is housed in a real live, still working gas station, too. YUM!

*giggle* But wait, there's more!

Other Honorable Mentions:

  • 17th Most Literate City (Central Connecticut State University)
  • 12th Smartest City (Daily Beast)
  • 14th Best City for Families (Parenting magazine)
  • 10th Most Affordable Place to Buy a Home (US News & World report)
  • One of America's Best Ice Cream Cities (Food & Wine Magazine)
  • 11th Most Frugal City - Hey! You can prolly get a coupon for that ice cream! (
  • 9th Most Tattooed City - you gotta come over & check out Sebastian's Mom's Cattoo
  • 2nd Most Drivable City in America (Travel + Leisure)

And we wrap this list up by mentioning something Sebastian's already blogged about:

Frommer's listing KC as a TOP 10 DESTINATION!! Woot!

Now don't you want to come visit us?

Wow! We sure have a lot of top rankings! Thanks again guys for contributing to #MOBlogPaws!


  1. Sounds like excellent reasons to me. I sure do hope they go for it.

  2. How could they not be convinced by now? I'm certainly down for this location!

  3. We like that it is a little closer to home for mom....

  4. Olá amiguinhos AMEI a visita e o recado vindo de tão longe. AMO fazer amigos em todo este mundo e AMO conversar com todos eles, graças a "SANTA TRADUÇÃO DO GOOGLE, QUANDO FUNCIONA... KKK).
    Estou SEGUINDO o blog de voces e será uma HONRA se SEGUISSEM ( JOIN THIS SITE MY BLOG - MEMBERS MY BLOG TOO) o meu blog também.
    Espero voces com muita alegria e amor.
    Aus da amiguinha de bem longe... do Brasil.


  5. Those Tonks are quite the travel guides! It's good to learn all about Kansas City. Teri said she went there once for a cat show, and the taxi driver took them on a tour of all the fountains in the's like the city with the most fountains, too!

    Ps: We wanted to thank you for supporting Coco's Auction! That means a lot to us!

  6. OMC! Our mom grew up in Kansas City!!! She loved living there. She lives up ChiTown way now. Her favorite thing was going to The Plaza on Thanksgiving to watch them turn on the lights. She would go back each Easter and Thanksgiving to visit her aunt and uncle, who at the time lived across from The Plaza.

  7. Olá amigo... Estou muito feliz e vim dividir minha alegria com voce. Meu blog conquistou 500 amiguinhos seguidores, e voce faz parte desta festa e vim te convidar para comer bolo em meu blog. Apareça... Será muito bem vinda.
    Te espero com muita gratidão e obrigada por sua amizade. Ótima semana e fica com o Papai do Céu.
    Aus 1000 e Beijos 1000 de mamis...