Friday, February 15, 2013

BIG Kitties

Mom and Dad had a Valentine's date at the Kansas City Zoo yesterday. They saw some beautiful-and BIG-kitties there!

This tiger was chillaxing, but his friend was up and moving. And roaring!

The cheetahs were very active since it was a little cooler. Mama tried to get a picture of one of them running, but he was too fast! This guy is gorgeous though.

The lions were majestic as ever. The ladies were all napping with their paws folded demurely in front of them while the big guy watched over them.

It was the purrfect Valentine's Day for Mom & Dad.


  1. Your humans had a great Valentine's Day!

  2. What a great outing they had and we're so happy they shared the pictures with us. M loves zoos, but she complains that no one wants to go with her. I volunteered, but she thinks I'd get to scared around the big kitties. Pfffft, they are just kitties like me only bigger!

  3. We love the big kitties! What a great way to spend Valentine's Day!

  4. Awwww what a fun way to spend Valentine's Day! Do you know that your Mommy and Daddy look alike? Great photo!

  5. Lovely idea for Valentine's Day! I bet my human would love it!

  6. * whispered in high pitched squeek *

    Oh my GOODness!!!!! They are HUGE!!!!! %-)) SO glad you had a brilliant Valentine's day!

  7. Purfect Valentine´s Day!!!!
    Did you watch "Life of Pi"??? The tiger is the best and beautiful on the film!!!

  8. How cool is that?!? And mommy sez that is the purrfect photo of your humans, Harvey!!