Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Feeding the Birdies

Recently, Mama saw a cool idea on Pinterest. It was a bird feeder made from peanut butter and birdseed on an empty toilet paper roll. It was originally pinned from The Moffatt Girls blog.

With the winter storms we've been having, Mama wanted to be able to feed the birdies who might have a hard time finding food otherwise. She also knew that Harvey and Evelyn would appreciate the Bird TV it would create!

Mama made one feeder for each tree in the back yard.

She trudged through the snow to put them on branches, then came in to watch the birdies flock to their snacks.

The cardinals and house finches loved the homemade feeders!
Evelyn had a great time watching the birdies too!

I hope you're taking care of the wildlife where you are!


  1. Aren't those guys supposed to fly south for the winter? Of is that an old wives' tale.

  2. What a great idea! Of course, the birds here have it made with our temperate climate, but it is nice to give them a treat now and again!

  3. That is a cool idea! The mom says she's gonna try that too. We have some feeders out for the birdies and the dad throws peanuts out for them and the squirrels.

  4. Oh my cat! Mommy just took photos of the same thing for her Fun Finds Friday! HEEE, great minds! We's not so sure we'd have gotten a purty red cardinal nomming though - great photos!

  5. Very nice. Nice and simple - and a great resource. especially for those birds that may have some trouble, you're right.

    I have seen some other cool birdfeeder ideas around Pinterest lately - other easy ways to get that snack in a simple little carrier for the birds. Fun stuff.