Thursday, March 21, 2013

Featured Furries: Eric and Bud

Yep, you read it right: furries. Today I've got a bonded pair of kitties to tell you about. Their names are Eric Hosmer and Bud and they're as close as brothers!

First up, Eric Hosmer. He's been at Wayside Waifs since last summer and that's a long time to be in a shelter. Eric came in as a stray and was VERY shy. He would cower in his kennel and the volunteers worked very hard to teach him to trust. He also spent time in a foster home so he could get special attention and learn that people were okay.

Photo courtesy of Cathy Sherman

After he came back to Wayside, he got to live in a "hug room". I had a hug room while I was there and it was great! There's plenty of space to walk around and you've got a better view of what's going on in the adoption area. Eric was still shy though.

Enter Bud.

Bud is a very brave, outgoing cat. Everyone is his friend and he's friends with everyone.

The staff moved Bud in with Eric in the hug room and it was magic! They became fast friends. They snuggle together and Bud has given Eric more confidence. Eric is still the shy guy, but he's learning to come around a bit more because of Bud.

Photo courtesy of Cathy Sherman
If you're looking for a young pair of kitties, Eric and Bud would be great. Some things to keep in mind are:
  • Eric needs a quiet home, one without kids would be best.
  • Experienced cat owners who are patient will be helpful with Eric's shyness.
  • Eric and Bud must go home together-they've become BFFs!
Both kitties are young and energetic. Bud is a year and a half old and Eric is just under two years old. Purrfectly playful still!

Do you think you'd be the right forever family for these boys? Come down and spend some time with them. Can't get here right away? You can watch these handsome guys on the Kitty Cam! Check it out on the Available Cats page.


  1. Oh mannnn, they are a pair of cuties. Sure hope they can find a home soon. What an amazing story too.

  2. We sure hope they find a home soon too...Purring that it happens soon!

  3. Purrs, nosetaps & biscuits to you, Sebastian for posting about Mom's favorite cats! We hope this helps them to find their purrfect forever home this week! Thank you!

  4. Oh we are purring that Eric and Bud find their furever home!

  5. I hope they can find their furrever home soon!

  6. Our wishes are with you cuties hope they can find home soon!!