Thursday, October 3, 2013

Featured Furry: Chris

Sometimes Mama meets a cat at Wayside Waifs and just knows that she needs to give him a little extra love and a little extra help finding his forever home. This week she met one of those kitties.

Photo courtesy of Lisa Richman.

Meet Chris. He's 8 years old, came to Wayside as a stray, and is FIV positive. He's a handsome black cat with a bit of a salt and pepper coat. He's a sweet boy and super friendly.

If you come to meet Chris, don't let his looks put you off. His ears always stay a little flattened, but he's not mad at all! When he came to the shelter, he had some pretty bad wounds around his ears. Staff thinks it was probably due to a serious ear mite problem that caused him to scratch around his ears to the point that they bled. He still has scars from these wounds, but his ears are much better now!

He also had to have some teeth pulled when he came to the shelter. After living on the street for who knows how long he certainly didn't have proper dental care and his teeth weren't in very good condition. He even had to have a fang pulled! Because he doesn't have all of his teeth, he sometimes drools a little. Mama told him not to worry about it though, he didn't need to feel embarrassed by it.

Chris is going to need a special kind of home. He'll need to be an indoor only cat. He will also need to be watched closely for any sign of illness. Since he's FIV positive, he could get sick more easily than a healthy cat and it could mean a longer recovery time. As long as he's kept in a healthy environment and isn't subject to stress, he should lead a long, healthy life.


  1. Definitely a staff and volunteer favorite!!

  2. Paws crossed that Chris finds his perfect home soon!

  3. What a cutie. Hope he finds a good home soon.

  4. Chris sounds like an amazing mancat. We have our paws and fingers crossed that a really special forever home is right around the corner.