Sunday, October 27, 2013

Poor Little Lowenstein

Lowenstein hasn't been feeling well lately. It started with him pooping in the living room behind Grandpa's chair. Mama and Dad took him to the V-E-T where they found an overgrowth of bacteria in his GI tract. The V-E-T sent him home with some probiotics and metronidazole.

He started doing better pretty quickly. He started using the litter box again within a couple of days. It seemed like he was on the road to recovery.

Today was different. He's been sleeping a lot and just not acting right. He didn't want his dinner, although he ended up eating it a couple of hours later. When Mama picked him up to carry him upstairs, he was just limp in her arms. His poops have been really soft, too.

Mama and Dad are going to take him back to the V-E-T tomorrow and get him checked out. After what happened with me-not really knowing why I was sick or how to make me better-they are pretty scared of something like that happening again. Please send get better thoughts to the little orange kitty.


  1. a multitude of purrs that this is just a bit nothing and he is back to his old self right quick

  2. Poor guy. :-( I am sending LOTS of purrs Lowenstein's way! I hope he feels better very soon!

  3. Sending lots of get well purrs right away! We hope he's right as rain soon. Keep us posted. XOXO

  4. I'm purring for him pal - purring as loud as I can. M said she'll put him in her pawprayers too. Big HUGS for mom.

  5. We're all purring for you Lowenstein! You just have to be all right.

  6. We're purring real loud for Lowenstein and hope he will be okay.