Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Great Plains SPCA Kitten Shower

Today, Great Plains SPCA in Merriam, Kansas is having a kitten shower. All sorts of cool stuff will be happening, including seeing Lisa from A Tonk's Tail reading from Rescued and fun shower games.

Of course, you need to take gifts to a shower, so I loaded up my car yesterday with the donations I'm taking. My gifts include towels, cute rugs, toys, food, and treats. Oh, and those plastic bags? They're getting donated, too. The volunteers and staff use them when they're scooping litter boxes.

If you're in the area, you should come! If not, or you just can't make it, you can order something from their Amazon wishlist for the kittens. Here is what they need:

Kitten Formula
Pet Nursing Bottles
Snuggle Safe Pet Beds
Pate-style kitten food
Clay Litter
Heating Pads
Cat Toys
Adult Cat Food (dry and wet)
Pet Carriers with a top lid
Soft Fleece Blankets

The kittens hope to see you!


  1. All of that is SO needed - by shelters everywhere right now!

  2. Kitten showers are such a great idea! We hope that Great Plains got lots of the stuff they needed at the shower.

  3. what fun!!! and what a great haul....

  4. We hope the Kitten Shower was an amazing success!

  5. we heard our mom had tons of fun with your mom! All we got was...uh,...dinner. Served late.