Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Faves: Our Favorite Treats From BlogPaws

I sorted through all my swag from BlogPaws after I had been home a couple of days. I decide what I'm going to keep for my critters and what I'm going to donate to the shelter. If there are treats, food, or toys I already know my guys won't enjoy, it goes in the donate pile. If there is something they already use or something I've been wanting to try, it goes in the keep pile.

As I sorted, I found several new treats I wanted them to taste. A couple were instant hits!

The cats all LOVED the lamb bark treats from Scout and Zoe's.

Stilwell was really hoping for more.

Treats for the dogs can be hard to choose. Yaz is overweight, so I try to find treats that are healthy and low calorie. Heloise is even more of a challenge. With her kidney issues, I can't add any extra protein to her diet. Not only did I find a treat that fits the needs of both dogs, but they love them, too! Check out these Coconut Smiles from Dr. Harvey's.

I'm going to be stocking up on both of these treats!

Neither company contacted nor compensated me for this post. I got small sample packages of each in my swag bag from BlogPaws and since they went over so well, I wanted to tell you all about them.


  1. I'm still waiting for my human to crack open the lamb bark!

  2. I will have to look for some of those.

  3. We haven't tried those treats yet. But now based on this...we're gonna demand that the mom open that bag.

  4. we're glad you guys enjoyed them so much!!!!

  5. ooh, glad you liked them. I still haven't dug mine out yet

  6. Those look great! And that shot of Stillwell is awesome. :)