Thursday, June 11, 2015

Wellness Natural Pet Food Wagon

Have you seen this truck?

This is the Wellness Natural Pet Food Wagon, complete with a wagging tail and a horn that barks. You can find it across the country this summer. Right now until June 14th the wagon is in Austin, Texas. After that you can find it in these cities:
  • San Diego, CA-June 19th to June 28th
  • Seattle, WA-July 3rd to July 18th
  • Philadelphia, PA-July 25th to August 2nd
  • Baltimore, MD/Washington, D.C.-August 5th to August 23rd
You can visit the wagon to try out their dog agility course, a doggy toothbrush, and get free samples of Wellness pet food and treats. While you're there, take a picture in front of the wagon and share it on social media with the hashtag #WagsforWellness. For every picture shared Wellness will donate a bag of pet food to shelter pets.

I wish the Wellness Natural Pet Food Wagon was going to be in my town! My kitties all eat Wellness: Evelyn gets the Complete Health Healthy Weight Formula (she's a curvy girl!) and the boys eat the Complete Health Indoor Health Formula. Since I can't visit the wagon, I hope all my readers will get the chance!

Disclosure: I was contacted by Wellness Natural Pet Food to post about the Pet Food Wagon and they are compensating me for this post. However, this post accurately reflects my honest views and I only post about products I believe in.


  1. Sounds like they are bypassing L.A. on their way to Washington state.

  2. We wish it was coming to our town but it doesn't look like it.

  3. how cool you were chosen to blog about this! I wish it were coming near me too, but no one ever ever comes to Maine.. just no point in it I guess..