Saturday, June 19, 2010


I have great news anipals! Mom had me microchipped this week! She and I feel much better knowing that I have permanent identification if I were to ever get lost. The process wasn't much fun though. She took me to the shelter she adopted me from to get it done. Let me just say that, although everyone was very kind to me while I lived there and during my latest visit, it's not my favorite place to be. Here's how it all went down.

On Wednesday, Mom's regular volunteer day, I noticed some different activity going on at my house. First, Mom got my carrier out, put it on the couch and unzipped it. Next, she put my collar on me (which she doesn't always make me wear because I bite at it and get it caught in my mouth). As soon as the collar was fastened, Mom picked me up and put me in the carrier. "We're going on a little adventure" she said. I wasn't really in the mood for an adventure, but it seemed that I didn't have any choice.

Mom took me to the car, buckled me in and off we went. I stayed quiet for about half of the ride, but I became impatient and decided to let her know by meowing from the back seat. When we finally arrived at our destination, Mom lifted the carrier out with me inside and started to walk toward a building that looked quite familiar. We were at Wayside Waifs! This was my second return visit here, after my dental cleaning, and I wasn't too keen on coming back. Mom took me to the cat adoption area and told me that somebody there wanted to see me. She unzipped the top of my carrier and when I popped my head up I saw my adoption counselor, Sharon! She always talks so sweet to me and pets me. I have to admit, though, I was not on my best behavior. She wanted to hold me, but when Mom tried to pick me up, I hissed at her. Instead, they both walked me back to the vet clinic where I really didn't want to be!

Once inside the clinic, Mom unzipped my carrier and explained to me what was going to happen. She said they were going to put the microchip under my skin and that it would be over before I knew it. A very nice lady reached in and petted me. She was the vet tech, Sarah. She put the microchip in me very gently. It didn't hurt a bit! Mom expressed how proud she was of me for being so brave and Sarah went on and on about how handsome I was. She even said I had gotten more handsome since I was adopted! *blushes*

After they were all done, Mom said I was going to hang out in the clinic while she petted the kitties waiting for their forever homes. I know how important it is for her to do this work, so I didn't mind. They set me up in some cozy digs then asked Mom if I could have a treat. She said yes and before I knew it, I was delivered a bowl of water and a dish of wet food!! Mom doesn't let me eat wet food, so it was quite the special treat for me!

It wasn't long before Mom was done with her volunteer work and came back to get me. It was storming out and raining really hard when we went home, so Mom had to drive extra slow. I, of course, was anxious to get home so the trip seemed to take forever. When we finally got home and I got to come out of my carrier I was very relieved. I'm glad Mom made me go to have the microchip put in though. It just shows how much she really loves me. Big thanks to the Wayside Waifs Vet Clinic. They're pawsome!


  1. What an ordeal friend. But, it's good you are microchipped - just in case. The shelter where I lived for 2 months did dat to me too. M was so very thankful, cuz now she likes that if I ever did get away, they have more of a chance of me being returned.

  2. Good for your mom. And for you for knowing being chipped is about being loved. Mom got me chipped at my very first v-e-t visit. I'm not allowed to go loose outside, but she wanted to make sure that if I ever did get out, I'd be able to find my way home (with a little help from people). It's a nice, safe feeling knowing that no matter what happens, I can be taken home to Mom.

  3. Thanks for joining the blog hop. We have 3 microchips each for the different countries we have lived in. Mommy says it is important to have them in case something happens.

    Davinia and Indiana

  4. It's so very important for us all to be microchipped. If we ever get lost it means we'd have a better chance to get back home again. We all had chips put in when we were puppies and we didn't even know it was happening. Mom has the doctor check them every year to be sure they read correctly.

    It's nice to meet you on this blog-hop
    Morgan, Tsar and The Porties

  5. Thanks for the comments efurrybody! I'm glad that so many of my anipals have microchips too. I'm an indoor only cat, but with Mom going away in a week, she thought it was best, just in case. You never know what might happen and if I get lost I want to be able to make it back home!

  6. Oh yes, microchips are SO important. I have had several friends who were lost, but found because of their chip! I didn't like getting mine either, but glad I have one, just in case.

    Your pal, Pip