Monday, June 7, 2010


Anipals, the most distressing thing happened yesterday. Mom brushed my toofers! I can't even begin to tell you how upset I was. She put on this funny glove, put some schtuff on the brushy parts, held me in her arms, then stuck her fingers in my mouth and started rubbing my teeth and gums. I didn't let her have an easy time though, uh-uh. I fought and twisted and pushed and squirmed. She wouldn't give up though, she kept putting me in different positions and sticking her fingers in my mouth. Finally, she had enough and let me go. I proceeded to hide under the futon in her office, waaaaay back where she couldn't get me again.

She'll never get me back here.

She says I have to get my toofers brushed so I don't need to go back to the V-E-T again for a dental cleaning. That was really awful! At least it was Mom doing it this time and not some stranger. I guess they look pretty good, too.

Check out those fangs!

Do other kitties get their toofers brushed too? How does your human do it? Do you like it better than I did? I suppose we have to keep our smiles shiny!


  1. I clean my teeth by biting the peeps early and often. It keeps them sharp and pearly white.

  2. My mom tries to brush my teeth from time to time, but I usually fight her off. I don't think she has tried it with my feline sisters - they would definitely not put up with it! I think there are lots of new dental products for dogs and cats - drops for water, etc.

    Good luck!

  3. Mom gives me greenies to crunch and they're supposed to help keep my teeth nice. But I bet if the dentist said I had to have my teeth brushed, I'd have to go thru it too. Gotta keep my teeth. I don't think they make dentures for kitties.

  4. Before I had all my toothies pulled, they tried to save the 4 canines & dentist said I HAD TO BRUSH EVERY DAY. he gave us some really good tasting chicken flavored pastey stuff, and I have to say, i didn't mind it cuz it tasted so good. Always got a treat after too. ALAS, we couldn't save the 4 toothies tho. I wish I had a tube of dat good tasting stuff so i could tell you brand, but we bought it right from dentist. He said it's the kind kitties tolerate most - better den kind in pet stores.

  5. After thought - you could check out my bloggy cuz I have a link to the dentist there. You could ask him what brand it is. Maybe your vet can order it.

  6. Cathy-Sometimes I bite Mom when we're playing and I decide to rough house a bit. Maybe I'm not doing it often enough.

    Mr. Pip & Pumpkin-Thanks for the tips on different products! Mom will check out the drops and greenies.

    Mario-I'll check out your link. My toothpaste definitely doesn't taste like chicken!

  7. Hi Sebastian ! you always looks very cute :)
    ((HUGS and KISSES))