Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Paw Bump

I have learned a really cool move from my friend @BrewskieButt. It's called the "Paw Bump" and all the cool cats are doing it! Apparently, Google is not a cool cat, though, because as the Brew wrote on his blog, Just Meowin', they don't have much to show for paw bumps! In order to remedy this, he put out a challenge to all of the kitty community. He wanted us all to get a picture of ourselves giving a paw bump and blog about it. Maybe if enough of us show what a paw bump is, we can get some cool pictures to show up in a Google search! Here's my contribution to the cause:

I call this the "SeabassCat Paw Bump"

If you are up to the challenge, you can join us! Check out the details on Brew's Blog Challenge: Paw Bumps and Icky Google Images. The kitty community would love to see what you've got! *paw bump*


  1. That's a pawsome *paw bump* there Sebastian! make sure ya post a link in the comments of my blog to enter the contest! *Paw bump*

    the Brew

  2. Cute paw bump! We're going to do a post too!!

  3. great paw action! youse got it right