Sunday, January 2, 2011

Blankets for Kitties

Recently when Mom was volunteering at Wayside Waifs, another volunteer brought in some fleece blankies she bought at a STEAL! Her idea was to make some no-sew blankets-you know, the kind that are tied all along the edges. They were going to be especially for the kitties waiting for adoption. Mom thought this was a great idea and so did a couple other volunteers. They got right to work in the sun room at Wayside.
They wanted the blankies to be purrfectly kitty-sized, so they took each blanket and cut it into four blankets. Then they took the different patterns and put them together so they would look nice with a solid color on one side and stripes on the other.
They giggled and laughed the whole time they were making the kitty blankies. None of them knew what they were doing, but boy did they have a good time! Even one of the available cats helped them.
This is Simba holding down some material for Lindsay. He checked out all the blankets and made sure they were comfy enough for the kitties.
It took a long time, but soon they had four blankets done and they all gave the blanket they made to a special kitty. Simba got the one he helped Lindsay with. Mom gave hers to Anderson.
Aren't volunteers the best? They all love the kitties very much and make sure they have something special, something that is just theirs, while they stay at Wayside Waifs. In fact, Anderson is going to get to take his blankie home with him when he finds his forever home-Mom said so!


  1. We give all our old blankets and towels to our shelter. In fact today we gave the shelter cat food, dog toys, clothes they could cut up and even things for them to sell at their fundraising flea market. I feel great.

  2. This is a great idea and I know the kitties will LOVE them!!!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. CK-That's so wonderful! Mom keeps a donation box going of stuff to donate to a local rescue's annual yard sale. It helps reduce clutter here and goes to help homeless pets!

    Pip-I know they will too! I love my blankies here at home.

  4. that was wonderful! Fabulous idea! I love to contribute too and periodically (like in Dec) I gave old kitty toys, dog toys, blankets, food and treats to a shelter here. In 2011 I hope to visit some shelters in person...that is...if I can bear to leave without bringing a kitty home!

  5. Caren-Mom understands-that's how I came into her life. She does pretty good, although she would like to bring Mr. Anderson home!

  6. What a fabulous idea, and your mom had fun doing it besides doing so much good for the shelter.