Saturday, January 8, 2011

Review of "Dog Blessed: Puppy Mill Survivor Stories"

I read Main Line Animal Rescue's "Dog Blessed: Puppy Mill Survivor Stories" by Lisa Fischer, published by Happy Tails Books. It is a compilation of stories told by dog owners who adopted their pooches from Main Line Animal Rescue in Pennsylvania and are members of MLAR's rehabilitation group called "Over The Mill".

The stories are sad and uplifting all at once. These doggies were all rescued by MLAR from puppy mills and came to the rescue group (and eventually their forever homes) with varying degrees of physical and emotional issues. Many of us know what goes on in puppy mills, but it is still saddening to hear these very personal stories of what an individual doggy goes through in these horrid living conditions. To then read about the people who bring these dogs into loving homes and the patience they show in teaching the doggies that it is okay to be loved is inspiring.

I love each of the humans who have rescued, rehabilitated and adopted these doggies. I hope that these stories reach humans far and wide so that puppy mills will one day be a thing of the past and we can rest easy knowing that no more doggies are being harmed or mistreated. Remember when shopping at a pet store that you don't know the conditions of the place the puppies came from and what you may be supporting by purchasing one of these dogs. ADOPT, DON'T SHOP!

There are other Happy Tails Books too. They not only look like enjoyable books, but Happy Tails Books donates at least 25% of their profits to rescue groups. It's wonderful to see what people are doing for our anipals and I hope you will pick this book up as well!

I received my copy of this book at no cost to me from the publisher. This in no way influenced my review of the book.


  1. Very nice review. Thanks for bringing this book to our attention. I'm gonna tell HH about it.

    Have a great day. pawhugs, Max

  2. Good review buddy. Puppy mills make us so angry. I wish we could pass laws in all the states that still allow them.

  3. Oh my...good review! I had to come say hi when I saw you have the same name as my dog, Sebastian!! Hugs and licks from Erika and Sebastian the dog!!

  4. Nice to meet you Erika and doggie Sebastian! I'm glad you stopped by and I hope you stop by some more! *purrs*