Saturday, February 26, 2011

My First Gotcha Day

Today has been a special day for me and Mom. It's the anniversary of the day she adopted me from Wayside Waifs last year-my Gotcha Day! What a wonderful year it has been!

I was awfully lonely those days I spent in the hug room at Wayside. They were made a bit better by some of the wonderful people there like Sharon the adoption counselor and Cat the volunteer. It got even better the day I met Mom! She took me to my forever home two days after we met and I've been living the dream ever since.

Every day with Mom is nice. She loves on me and lets me know I'm safe and secure. I get to go anywhere I want (except the counters, but most of the time she doesn't know I've been up there) and can nap the day away while she works. She keeps my bowl full of kibble and gives me treats.

Today was extra special. Mom gave me my usual morning treats, then I went back to bed to sleep late with Dad. One of my favorite activities is to sit on the edge of the tub while Mom takes a bath-I got to do that today as well! We played a brief game of "Kitty Monster Under the Sheets" then I spent most of the day snoozing under Mom's electric blanket on the couch. She hung out there with me all day!
After Mom and Dad had dinner, I got a special meal of my own-canned food! I love it when I get the wet stuff. I lick all the juice away before I eat any of the meat. It is soooo nommy!

My wish is that every animal out there finds a purrfect forever home like I did so they can celebrate their own Gotcha Day!


  1. Happy Gotcha Day. My furry family and I wish the same for all of the animals waiting for homes. Glad you had such a special day and I know that Mom & Dad have had just as wonderful year as you have.

  2. Oh yes! I think Mom and Dad enjoyed it as much as I did! Thanks, pal!

  3. Congratulations dear friend - you are one lucky kitty to have such a wonderful family.

  4. concats to u Sebastian and best wishes fur many, many more! xoxo