Monday, February 28, 2011

National Pet Dental Health Month

Here we are, the last day of February, which is National Pet Dental Health Month. You all know how I love my Greenies! The nice people at Greenies sent me a message about National Pet Dental Health Month, the American Animal Hospital Association's (AAHA) Helping Pets Fund and the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC). The VOHC is similar to the American Dental Association, but for pets. If you see their seal on a pet dental health product, you know it's been proven effective at breaking down plaque and tartar from your pet's teeth.

AAHA's Helping Pets Fund is a charitable organization that provides financial support for sick or injured pets who need veterinary care. Greenies and AAHA are teaming up to raise awareness about pet dental health and to raise money for the Helping Pets Fund. To help their effort, I want to tell you my dental health story.

I had a routine dental cleaning last year. Everything turned out fine with my pearly whites. Mom would occasionally brush my teeth, but I hated to have it done, so she didn't do it very often. I got my Feline Greenies dental treats every day, but that was about it as far as caring for my teeth.

Today I went in for another annual dental cleaning. Things didn't turn out quite as good as they did last year. The V-E-T had to pull five of my toofers!! Mom is feeling pretty bad that she didn't brush my teeth more often. Look at what I went through today:

First off, I was deprived of food all night long.

No matter how I begged this morning, Mom wouldn't feed me.

This is the last picture of my full smile.

Soon I was loaded up into the dreaded cat carrier.

When I finally made it home 11 hours later, I had a shaved patch on my leg where they stuck the medicine.

Please make sure your humans are taking care of your toofers! Have your regular dental cleanings, but look for products with the VOHC seal on them too!

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  1. Tell your mama not to beat herself up too badly for not brushing the toofers. It does help, and it's not good to slack off - but it sounds like she helped you along by buying you Greenies. You might just has bad genes too. So tell her not to worry too much. You will be fine.