Thursday, November 3, 2011

Featured Furry: Stitch

Oh my cat! Mom can't stop talking about Stitch! He's a five-year-old Siamese mix available for adoption from Wayside Waifs in Kansas City. She keeps saying things like "He's such a lover!" and "He gives the best hugs!" Well, I beg to differ since I'm the sweetest, cuddliest cat in the world, but it's hard to argue with Mom when she has found a new shelter love.

Stitch has quite a story. He was transferred to Wayside from a smaller shelter that didn't have the resources to give him the care that he needed. He was in pretty bad shape, possibly having been attacked by another animal. The other shelter sewed him up, but by the time he got to Wayside, the wounds were opening up and had to be tended to again. He had stitches around his neck and running down and under his right arm. The awesome V-E-Ts at Wayside got him all fixed up and sent him to foster to heal properly.

Let me tell ya, now that he's all better, he hasn't let those old injuries turn him sour. When a volunteer opens the door to his kennel, he gets up and wraps his paws around their neck, nuzzling their face and purring like crazy! Of course, Mom is a sap and eats it all up.

Now, being a cat, when Stitch is done with all that nuzzling and hugging business, he lets you know. He's not shy about telling you when enough is enough so of course all his cuddling is done on HIS terms. Another thing, Stitch isn't fond of children, so he would be best as a pet in an adult home.

If you think Stitch would be a good match for you, go meet him at Wayside Waifs. You'll at least get a hug out of the trip!



  1. Stitch sounds like a pawsome kitty! And such an appropriate shelter name! I hope he finds a home soon - after all he's been through he certainly deserves it!

  2. Stitch is one of our Mommy's favorites when she volunteers at Wayside. She says he is very handsome and has a great sense of fun. We know she secretly wants to bring him home. Yikes! We sure hope he finds his furever home soon. Just not here, thank you!!!!

  3. @Sparkle-He certainly does! *paws crossed*

  4. @Chase & Emily-Same here! Mom wants him, but knows I have to be an only kitty!

  5. Stitch is terrific, and oh so very handsome!

  6. Mommy sez she wants him too! She looooooves his snuggles. HMPF. *We* sez she needs to cuddle US! So we hope Stitch finds his forever home REAL soon!

  7. W00t! W00t! We's SOOOO excited!
    Mommy sez Stitch is gonna make someone a real cuddly companion!

    (also cuz that means he not come home wif Mommy, too - heeee!)