Monday, November 21, 2011

Kansas City: The Fashionable Choice for BlogPaws

I'd like to welcome another guest blogger today, the crew from "A Tonk's Tail"! They're on board with #MOBlogPaws too. Take it away!

First we want to thank Sebastian for letting us be a guest on his blog today!

We’re here to give you another compelling reason why BlogPaws should be hosted in Missouri in 2013.

*chants* MOBlogPaws! MOBlogPaws! MONoloGues!

*shoves the boyz out of the way* Oh bother! If you want The Job done right, get a Woman to do it! Right @MaggieTKat?

Missouri has a little of everything for the enterprising vacationer, and we’re here to tell you today about one more reason you will want to come see us in 2013:

*cue squee* SHOPPING!!

Kansas City is home to The Oldest Shopping Center in the U.S. – The Country Club Plaza.

The Plaza’s 55 acre site was the very first shopping center in the world to be designed to accommodate automobile traffic, and attracts 10 million tourists each year.

*dreamy look* ooooh, and the architecture – soooo romantic! The Old World Spanish and European lines, and the open-air public art gallery with its sculptures, murals and fountains! (*whispers* I do love to wiggle my pink toenails in a nice fountain, I do, and there are TONS of them here!)

But I digress. Did I mention the shopping??? Stores like Anthropologie, Armani Exchange, Kate Spade, H&M, XXI Forever, Tiffany & Co… *sigh….*

And the food, too: Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, The Plaza III, Three Dog Bakery…*giggle* well, I didn't say I was talking about human food exclusively did I?

There's this lovely event in the fall called WaterFire...

It's a live art installation featuring the UMKC Conservatory of Music, the Cirque-style performances of Quixotic Fusion, the Vesuvius Fire Dancers, Irish vocalists and more!

AND…. The Plaza Lights!! *SQUEE!* Miles and miles and miles of holiday lights adorn every rooftop from Thanksgiving Night through mid-January. Isn’t it lovely?

Oh please make Kansas City (or at least Missouri) the BlogPaws destination for 2013! You won’t regret it!

Mom just loves the Plaza! It's one of the places she always had to visit when she would come to KC before she lived here. Thanks for guest blogging for me!

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