Monday, January 14, 2013

Fun and Games with Catnip Bubbles

Mom bought us a new toy on Friday. It wasn't a jingle ball like I love or a sparkle ball like Evelyn carries around. It was catnip bubbles by Hartz!

Blowin' Bubbles by Hartz

Mom & Dad had been shopping at Crown Center in Kansas City. Of course, Mom had to go to her favorite store there, Gatos. They have the coolest cat stuff and have some neat toys Mom doesn't find anywhere else.

Once they got home, Mom decided to see what we thought of the bubbles. I was immediately mystified! If it took too long for Mom to blow more bubbles, I meowed at her to hurry up!

At first, Evelyn didn't really get it. She got bored and walked away. When Mom brought them back out again on Sunday, Evelyn figured it out. This was fun!

We had a great time watching the bubbles float in the air. I can't wait until we get to play with them again!

We were in no way compensated for this post. Mom just really loves to shop at Gatos and bought the Hartz bubbles because they looked cool.


  1. Hmmnm, looks cool. Maybe M should order one of those for me.

  2. OMC! We love love love catnip bubbles. Mom would get dizzy from blowing bubbles for us so she got a bubble gun to blow them with.

  3. I hate to confess this, but we are ALL scared of bubbles! The cat before me used to love them - in fact, being semi-feral, she did not really know how to play, and the bubbles were the one exception.

  4. I try bubble about once a year. The cats just don't get it. The watch for maybe a minute and then leave me feeling kind of silly.

  5. You and Evelyn are besties already, aren't you? TW bought regular bubble stuff for me years ago and I loved it but then she never brought it out again. She was afraid of ruining her floor and rug rather than my entertainment.

  6. Amy they're sooo cute together!:)...I love watching the updates and the catnip bubbles looks like a great idea!