Monday, January 28, 2013

Packing Up

Mom spent the afternoon in the office yesterday. Usually she sits at the desk, but she was sitting on the floor putting all her books in boxes. This looked like a big job, so I thought I'd be a good girl and help her.

Yep, there's room for another book in here.

Mom told me that she was packing our stuff so we could move into the new house. She said it was very exciting. It's making me a little nervous, but I'll still help!


  1. oooo, a new house sounds exciting. Just think about all those new smells. So exciting to think about it.,

  2. OMC! Autumn has told me about moving and how she had to live in a room filled with packed boxes for 2 months cos the Closing Day—whatever that is—kept getting pushed back.

  3. Evelyn, who cares abotu the move... it's all good wif us if it involves ...BOXES! *drool*

    We hear you visited this new place?

    Faraday's freaking out and DEMANDING that mommy & daddy put the floor back the way it was. It SMELLS and it's not NORMAL. (MOL!)

  4. The best part about moving is all the boxes! Plus you also get a new house, which is pretty cool too.

  5. Great job snoopervising Evelyn! Be sure and save a box for CJ. It's one of his favorite toys!!!

  6. you be careful you don't get packed into one of those boxes! Hoping you love your new home!

  7. A new house! How exciting. I bet you'll have lots of fun exploring. And think of all the boxes you'll have to play in once they're empty again. Maybe you'll get your own room with a nice box fort in it or something. *dreaming of box forts to attack fursibs from*

  8. Congratulations on your new house! Just think of all the empty boxes you will have when you get there.

  9. Moving day? MOVING DAY?! There's nothing I love more than moving day! All of those boxes make for a limitless adventure of countless possibilities! Just imagine all the fun places we can go inside of those boxes? I myself haven't had a moving day since 3 years ago when we moved into our new house. Say, if you have any boxes left over would you mind sending me one? I sorta chewed through all of mine. Thanks in advance!

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