Tuesday, January 20, 2015

National Cheese Lover's Day

It's no secret that I love holidays, my favorite being Halloween. Today is another important holiday: National Cheese Lover's Day. And boy, am I a lover of cheese! I even have cheese-colored kitties. That's dedication.

I created a little cheese plate to celebrate. Slices of swiss, gouda, and havarti were included. I tossed in a Jarlsberg mini and I had to have my favorite cheese, Manchego. I wrapped it up with a cheesecake bite.

Along came a little cheese thief. Lowenstein is known for reaching his left paw out and swiping food off of any plate he can reach. Since he was the only kitty around, I let him try a little bite of cheese.

I think he liked it.

Happy National Cheese Lover's Day from me and Lowenstein!


  1. Cheese is yummy! I haven't had a lot, but what I've tasted is really good.

  2. How did we not know about this holiday? Cheese is pawesome! Great expression on Lowenstein's face in that last photo as he enjoys his cheese!

  3. wait - what??? Tommy is gonna be ticked off at mom for missing this one....he is a certified cheese fiend!!

  4. Lowenstein, dood! Was that swiss? HEY. *we* need some. MOMMY!!!!!
    (and not the kind with those stinky HOT PEPPERS in it either.)

  5. Oh we gotta go get some cheese to celebrate!

  6. Yea! This is a cheesy home too. And Jarlsburg is a big favorite. Sage uses the same claw fork to heist I watched food

  7. mmm.. cheese.. seriously, just got promoted to my bestest bestie.. ;)

  8. We LOVE cheese. How did we miss this special day???

    We'd better eat some EXTRA cheese to make up for it. MOL!