Friday, January 16, 2015

Puma the Betta

We added a new family member last weekend. It's a baby fish! Meet Puma.

Harvey has been trying his best to make him feel welcome.
What have we here?

He introduced himself.
Hi, I'm Harvey. Nice to meet you.

Then he tried to pet him.
Here fishy, fishy.

And he fed him.
A package of pellets should be plenty.

We aren't allowing any unsupervised visits yet. We're not sure Puma wouldn't turn into sushi.


  1. Puma is cute! He would make a great toy, except I guess that is not allowed!

  2. MOL - welcome Puma (though mom had the cursor in a weird spot at first and thought you named him "Tuna" and almost snorted coffee out her nose)

  3. MOL! We like how Harvey tried to pet Puma.

  4. Hehehe! This reminds me of when we had a goldfish when my Angel Bobo was alive. I named her Ariel. Bobo loved her but sadly she didn't live long (not his fault!)

  5. MOL! Hey mom! We want one! We'll play nice. Promise. *crossed paws*

  6. Welcome to the interwebs Puma!

    I keep thinking I want an office fish, but I'm not too keen on the idea of trying to keep a tank clean at the office