Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A New Life for an Old Bed

As many of you know, Evelyn lives in our bedroom. Stilwell was making her life miserable and now she's more relaxed and happier than ever. She spends a lot of time on my dresser, looking out the window. A couple of days ago, I moved the dresser so that it was directly in front of the window. There is a blanket on the dresser, but she enjoys laying in our laundry basket so I thought she would like a bed there instead.

I asked my husband if he would be okay with Evelyn using Sebastian's old bed. Seb went to the Bridge 2 1/2 years ago and a lot of his stuff has been in a large Ziploc bag since the day after he died. My hubby was okay with it, so I got it out.

I placed it on the dresser and let Evelyn check it out. She sniffed it all over before she decided she could get in it. It didn't take long for her to decide it's the perfect spot to nap or to watch the birds in the trees.

*sniff sniff*

Making biscuits in the new bed.

I love that she is using Sebastian's bed. It makes me happy to know that she can feel the love that I gave to him and he gave back to me, all through a cozy place to sleep.

Soaking in the sun.

Look at that view.


  1. Purr I hopes Evelyn is as happy there as Sebastian was!

  2. How sweet! It looks like Evelyn really appreciates gift from Sebastian.

  3. that is the picture with the sun coming in - like Sebastian giving his approval :)

  4. How nice you saved Sebastian's things to share with another kitty.

  5. We know Sebastian would approve, too.

  6. Sebastian would be happy to see his old bed being used. It's so comfy looking.

  7. One of the kitties' favorite beds is an old one that belonged to one of my childhood cats. I think it's very sweet :)

  8. That is so sweet. We bet Sebastian is purring with approval at the Rainbow Bridge. :)

  9. I have no doubt that Sebastian would approve. Good for you for doing what you can to help bring out her true spirit